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Final Straw for Jones

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I think today will be the final nail in DJ coffin. It has to be.

If Milan has realistic ambitions of being in this league next year he will have realised that DJ has not proven up to the task, and will have no option other than to sack him. Any longer and it'll be an impossible task even before the new manager comes in.

I don't blame Milan too much for sticking with Jones up to todays crunch relegation battle. It's his club after all and sacking Jones means paying 3 managers.

But now knowing Milan I think he'll think enough is enough. And we know he's got the bottle and the money to make another change in order to try and save our season, no matter what outsiders think of his reputation.

Relegation would be disastrous to Milan and more importantly us, so I think the decision is inevitable. IF he doesn't sack him after this though, then imo Milan will have decided to keep Jones here for the long run, and will give him financial backing in January.

Think he'll go though.

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Maybe Mr Milan will just let this season play out and then sack Dave Jones in the close season if we went down.

Because would bringing a new manager into a hopeless situation really have any point?

I know I would rather just see a fresh start in the summer TBH. Plus bringing a new Manager into the club like Di Canio during the summer would be a good way to sell season tickets whatever league Wednesday found themselves in.

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