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Great news at last!

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Nope, don't get excited, DJ hasn't resigned. Even better news! In a truly inspired piece of public relations the club have announced the mega store blue star sale!

We can now buy stuff cheaper! Yep, in an attempt to link up with on field events the prices are going down!

Rumours of a new manager at the store have been denied however.

Extra discounts on super glue shirts! (to help us all stick together)

However you must buy now as there will not be another promotion for a long time!

DJ will be there signing autographs, no refunds on this item. (DJs signings aren't very good usually).

Alternatively, click here for the Blue Star sale and look for the price reductions in most departments.

Remember, the Megastore is open on Sundays 10.00am to 4.00am leading up to Christmas!

(THAT LAST BIT IS ACTUALLY OFF THE WEBSITE, so I know what I'm doing at 2am). Another example of a SWFC "silly mistake" wouldn't you agree DJ?

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