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Are you going to rise to Dave Jones challenge tomorrow ?

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I wouldn't say it was a case of staying patient.

No one really started to grumble against Watford until we cheaply gave away the lead.

If being patient is sitting quiet while we surrender leads and then capitulate, then I can't see many fans staying as 'patient' as DJ may want.

Booing the players doesn't help.

But conceding like we did against Watford isn't exactly going to instill much patience into the fans.

We are a ridiculously soft team.

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Jones has been very clever with this statement. He has effectively shifted the emphassis away from his own shortcomings to some wrongly perceived notion that the fans 'negativity' is the issue.

I won't boo - I never do; I will support the team - I always do; I will try not to criticise the team - I do that sometimes; but it would be an understatement to say that my patience is wearing thin. He must do something different to effect the game and bring home the win. If we play 4-1-4-1 and not press the game then I'll flipping spew!

I am known as a happy-clapper on here. If Jones doesn't have my support then that is quite an achievement!

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Guest benmark

Dave Jones has called for everyone to stick together tomorrow

Do you think the fans will rise to this challenge and stay patient tomorrow ?

well we should do cos there isnt anything out there thats better.

and before you start that poo about kevin keegan. what has he ever done without money.

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...a weakened Brizzle side...time for DJ and the squad to show us the 'togetherness' that they have been banging on about and the work effort we saw when we were pushing for promotion when, I seem to recall, every game was a 'must win' game.

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Guest Bri The owl

Some "fans" can't wait for the first mistake to be made! They are the sort of fans that moan if they've nothing to moan about !!!!! Wish they would stay away ,don't they realise the only have a "negative effect "

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Its up to Jones tomm to make em bloody go for it....sick of the negativity at home....up and at 'em from the first minute to the last....destroy them!!! .....and pick the right team and formation to do it !!! (finishing eleven from Cardiff would do me just fine!!!) lol

I pretty much agree with this. Lets just feck it and go toe to toe. If we're going to lose games I'd much rather watch an entertaining 4-3 than a weak boring 1-0, at least it would show we've had a go
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