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£20m Defence

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Just wondering, but does Beevers leaving signal the end of our £20m rated defensive lineup from the other year?*

If I recall correctly our lucrataive backline contained Tommy Spurr, Frankie Simek and Mark Beevers, although I can't remember who the fourth money man was.

Curious as to what the cumulative total of their departures was. I assume the £250k received for Mark Beevers is only the first installment of the £5m transfer fee we are expecting from Millwall?

*Disclaimer: You may have had to be a member of Owlstalk circa 2008 to understand this post.

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Ah yes, Richard Wood.

We should be alright in January then. I'm sure the next installment from Coventry might see us right for a new loan signing.

Spurr - Wood - Beevers - Simek

End of an era.

Goodnight sweet prince, the £20m backline of dreams and deep pockets.

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Grant - £2m

Simek - Free

Spur - 150k?

Beevers - 250k

so from £20m defence, down to under £3m in the space of 2 seasons or so - great

Not a chance.

It was about a quarter of that IIRC from that year's accounts.

Can't remember how much Wood went for but they barely fetched £1 million between all 5 of them.

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