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5 things you hate most in football

Guest 713owl

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In no particular order

1) The premiershit

2) Sky sports

3) New lego box stadiums

4) Glory grabbing fans

5) Franchises like mk dons and cardiff.

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Greedy lazy footballers (not really to blame but a by product of point 1 and 2)

Glory supporters, particularly the shirt wearing 40 odd year old types that walk around Sheffield/South Yorkshire with their Liverpool etc shirts on with that look at my football team look on their pathetic faces

And finally just a mild one to finish, the way Jeff Stelling says COMPEDITIONS instead of pronouncing it properly with a T on Soccer Saturday

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Guest peteburns

Diving, wages, wags, john terry and everything in the premiership being over analysed

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Guest CowshedLad

1. Diving

2. Player wages

3. Fans that know nothing about football

4. Manager being sacked after a bad spell

5. Fans that think my opinion isn't valid because I support MK Dons

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