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Look on the bright side (for all the optimistic posters)

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Still 76 points to play for, we would end the season on 91 points surly promoting us to the Premiership, we're still in the F.A Cup and we have DJ as manager lol, what more could we wish for?

flip me - that means we need 1.5 points/game to break the 50 point barrier and we've got 0.75/game to date. Can't confirm the math...

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Guest Distraught!

The bright side to all of this is the world is set to end this month with floods, earthquakes, nuclear wars, armageddon and the like so we won't have to worry about the rest of this poxy season! lol

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Equivalent to the loss of 0.0093543235227013 goals.

Well they say that for every goal scored, there are on average ten shots on target.

So if a shot on target is 0.1 of a goal, what is 0.009 of a goal? A shot off target? A shot that goes out for a throw-in? A neat little lay-off to O'Grady that O'Grady fails to read, perhaps?

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