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Next Saturday v Bristol is........

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Bristol and then the Dingles game.That's how long DJ has to save his job.

Alternatively Milan might see it as too risky to keep him and make a change now in hope that we gets wins against them.

Probably wishful thinking, I just really think we need a change now.

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Crystal clear these next two games are the crux of our season. Win and draw and things will start to look better. Anything less and and we're looking at yet another of those seasons we are all too familiar with. Personally, after last year I can't even let myself contemplate going down.

If we beat Bristol it will be back to hugging strangers again.

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Guest u avin a laff


We have to forget what´s gone off in previous games and get behind the team 100%

and give them the support we should instead of making them worried about getting boooooooed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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