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Makeshift Striker ?

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Was chatting to Woodseats Owl jnr after the midweek game and about JJ playing at right back, and players playing out of position.

Then mentioned the likes of Mel Sterland and Paul Warhurst doing a short terrm job playing up front playing out of position

Then we got round to the current squad and who could do a job up front, perhaps playing out of position.

We both suggested Reda ( yes I know he's injured)..now I don't don't know about you but he scares me silly when he starts galloping forward perhaps the sort player that might make a difference in the short term.

Given the current predicament might be worth a try.



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I'm no footballing expert, but I see a whole bunch of difference between galloping, lollaping forward runs from a defensive position, and holding the line, holding the ball up, bringing others into the game, making sharp turns and darting runs from off defender's shoulders - all the things we are crying out for.

IMO, no. Not the answer.

I'd simply like to see the same two upfront, (f^ck knows what combination) for several games together (let's say 10, if DJ needs a figure).

I'd like to see a partnership be given time to develop.

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Just thinking how different managers would inspire Reda playing up front

Big Ron, listen son either side can win it or it could be a draw, get on there I've a sneaking feeling through out the game that its there to be won

Dave Bassett, listen son go on and cause some bo11ocks

Neil Warnock,listen son f**cing get on there and cause some f**king bo11ocks

Alan Irvine,listen sonny first watch this video I've made , then answer the test, this will count towards your coaching badge

Howard Wilkinson, Listen son I'm a firm believer that if the other side score first you have to score twice to win

Dave Jones, listen son, I know its a learning curve for you but I want you to play wide right.

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