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I heard that DJ & Reda have had words - it went sommet like this:

DJ - I don't know what to do with you, I don't really like playing players out of position.

Reda - Yeh boss I know what you saying

DJ - I don't want you at left back

Reda - OK Boss

DJ - I am going to stick you at right back

Reda - Boss I am gonna eat you if you talk crap like that - give me 2 weeks off with my sore toe, get Hirsty to give me a weeks shooting lessons and then....

DJ - Unleash you as a new striker against Hull ?

Reda - You got me Boss

DJ - Well you can't do any worse than who we do play up front. Go Reda Go.

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Somewhere in the darkest depths of the internet there is a Tradesmen finder website and folk are discussing how much it wee wees them off when JonR is in the casino and not brushing up on work until the early hours.

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well he played well the last game he played and was supposedly limping ,so how bad is it ,

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I think he's worth persisting with in the side regardless of his defensive blunders, thats if we cant accommodate him somewhere else.

Hes become a bit of a talisman and he wants to win the ball so much more than the other players.

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