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In this thread I will debunk the 'look like he's trying/gives a fook' theory

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Neil is right you know. I don't see the problem with players who don't give a f*ck.

Take players like Leon Clarke. He didn't really give a f*ck, and luckily for us, we had him in our team the season when we got relegated.

I really hope Dave Jones signs players who don't give a f*ck, always works out well. I really hope people don't question it as well, players who don't give a f*ck are the future.


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Guest clipper6728

So far we have got:

Run around a lot

Kick players

Chase lost balls

Shout for the ball a lot

Clap the fans

They should be sweating when they walk off

understand what you are getting at neil , but dont patronise
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Because they blatantly aren't giving 100% at the moment.

Its patently obvious.

Given how this thread has gone I wonder what reasoned response Neil could possibly give to that. I have a feeling you may need to provide evidence of how it is physically possible to prove the players aren't doing this.

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lollop - casually stroll

lolloper - a person who casually strolls

lolloping - casually strolling

lolloptastic - a superlative used by lolloping lovers

lollopticious - another superlative used by lolloping lovers, demonstrating a love of lolloping almost to the point of climaxing

lollopfest - a fine display of lolloping by all involved

lollopover - the continuation of lolloping from a previous display

lolloped - been subjected to a display of lolloping

outlolloped - beaten by a better lolloper

grand lollop - a lolloper who is regarded by his peers as one of the finest exponents of the art

Please feel free to add your own definitions, or to identify individuals with lolloping tendencies.

I'll kick off with Darren Potter.

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