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Guest insideowl

MM and Redknapp will never work together again in my opinion.

Why would they after everything that happened earlier this year? Every move they made would be under scruiteny.

The last thing they'd want would be to work together.

Besides, Redknapp would be after a big premiership job down south.... probably West Ham

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Guest Lawrie Maddens Hump

Pompey winning the cup and promotion to premier.

Spurs to champions league?

Yeah I know, I'm not discounting this, but correlate that with the amount money he's spent!

Just my personal opinion of him. Not saying I'm right.

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cant see it happening, he turned bournemouth down yesterday and is looking at QPR at the moment according to mirror

I was just gonna mention the same thing......

Cue him being the late night pundit commenting on how poor QPR at the moment and what needs to be done gary megson

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Just don't see why he would have turned up to the Wolves games if there were big prem games on. Can't see him managing a Champ side though so not so sure. Not surprised he turned down the Bournemouth job though. Guess we will just have to see. I think DJ's time is running out though and I give him 1-2 more games. Shame though, i thought he was gonna turn us into a force in this league. Instead we just look fragile, spiritless and ........ well a bit rubbish really.

Redknapp will be Wednesday's next manager.


Why are you so confident?

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If he really WAS there then I'm with owls66 on this one. MM can do the most unbelievable things. Seriously why would he be at Wolves v Owls today if it wasn't to have a butchers at what's what?

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