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Subbed. Feels good man.

Suddenly my PS3 has gone all digital. Or it will do once I buy a HDD large enough to do it. Still got a 40GB Phat so an upgrade is a must. Going to get a Western Digital 500GB drive. They're relatively easy to fit into the old Phat units, right?

Also, once the games are listed in the Downloads section of PSN, they're mine to keep whilever I'm a subscriber, right? For example I have every Vita game currently available listed in my Downloads but not actually download onto my PS3 yet. If I buy a Vita in, say, 9 months time, I'll be able to download those games for my Vita?

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Yep, that's right Dave. Whenever a new game is added to PS+ just add it to your download list straight away, even if you're not bothered about playing it. It's yours to download at any time as long as you're a PS+ member, same goes for the Vita games too.

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There's a few new games out on PS+ tomorrow.

Brand new game called Knitt Underground is free for PS3 and Vita versions. I don't know much about it other than it's a 2D platformer with a graphical style similar to Outland.

Mortal Kombat for Vita is free.

January is probably the weakest month in quite a long time:


Bioshock 2

Guardians of Middle Earth

Mortal Kombat

Gotham City Imposters


Jet Set Radio

Pinball Arcade

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Not as good as this month, but I can get along with Mortal Kombat, BioShock 2 and Jet Set Radio. Especially for nowt.

I traded in a stack of my PS3 games (all ones I'd finished) when I got my Wii U. I've replaced four of them 3 weeks later within the first 2 months of PS+ :laugh:

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Quick question, are you only able to play the games you have downloaded if you are a member of PS+?


If i sign up for 3 months, download a load of games, then cancel my subscription, presumably, im then unable to play those games that have been downloaded unless I re-subscribe?


Seems like a really good service, especially comparing it to Xbox live Gold, which I havnt renewed for the first time in about 4 years, realising its a complete waste of money.

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Yeah you need to be subscribed to play them.

For the price it's a great service, considering this is optional and you get free games every other month.

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All free games can only be played as long as you're a member.  Any games that you buy using the PS+ discount are yours forever no matter what.


Really got into F1 Race Stars over the last few days. Seemed pretty poor at first but once I learned the tracks and the game mechanics it really clicked with me. Pretty misunderstood game I think.

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The games are:

6th March: Mass Effect 3
6th March: Dead or Alive 5
6th March: Joe Danger 2
13th March: Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (VITA)
20th March: Puddle (VITA)

Titles that will be taken off Playstation Plus:

6th March: Sleeping Dogs
6th March: Vanquish
6th March: LIMBO
13th March: Wipeout 2048
20th March: Lumines Electronic Symphony

another superb month. How big is the MGS collection for Vita? Gonna need another memory card soon.


ive fancied playing dead or alive 5 for ages. A much underated series of fighting games. The 2nd one is on my all time list

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OK, so on Vita, I currently own:

Wipeout 2048

Jet Set Radio

Mortal Kombat

Mutant Blob Attacks


Uncharted: Golden Abyss

Gravity Rush


And Metal Gear Solid HD Collection this month.

Not bad that to say I don't even own a Vita yet. If the PS4 gets delayed to 2014 in the EU and I can grab a Vita and a decent sized card for around <£120, I think I will do it. Ideally I want to be at a point were I can buy the hardware and already have all the software I want to play available to me (apart from maybe Soul Sacrifice and Killzone, which might take a while to hit Plus)

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