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No song for Dave jones

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Guys,unless I missed it I didn't hear any song for DJ at the game? Traditionally we've always had one. Anyway just taking this opportunity to congratulate all connected with the club, an amazing achievement. Ive had a ST for years in the kop until the last couple of years and always wondered what the noise was like from the away end. Well yesterday I was lucky enough to get a ticket behind the goal in the Lep lane. I gotta tell you the noise from the kop was incredible. The kop is huge and to think I've been part of that for years makes me proud. Onwards and upwards . To the song makers, let's get one for DJ, he deserves it!! UTO

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We sung all these a few times, whats wrong with yer!

Thats what I'm saying mate.

The OP said there were no songs for Dave Jones

I was just pointing out the 3 songs we sung fairly regularly yesterday :rolleyes:

Loud and proud from the North :

Jonesy giz a wave

Jonesy Jonesy Giz a wave


...................Dave Jones did not wave. The only thing that let me down yesterday.

He waved to the Kop :tongue:

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