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Music before game

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Guest Batigol

Is 1 too obvious??

I made a such big mistake, Save me, Save me............ Leave a light on in Heaven for me.

Maybe its not in the same ilk as the dark, heavy, intimidating atmosphere I was aiming for with my previous choices tho.

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When we first started playing this we played the live version- used to sound miles better.

I'll go against the grain here, but I prefer the studio version, I'm not a big fan of Simple Minds, but I love Waterfront.

Just a bloke, who used up all his luck in one go when he met his wife.

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Guest davet30

things can only get better - D-Ream

smooth criminal - mIchael Jackson when we score (singing Danny are you OK ... you've been struck by a smooth finisher)

et al

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Guest kentowl

Don't play anything - let the crowd sort it. Imo , they should turn off the tannoy 10 mins before ko , and let the crod chants / hatred takeover..

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I know music is subjective but anything's got to be better than dull as dish-Waterfront. Uninspiring tuneless drivel.

Been listening to MOS Hip Hop Anthems. Walk This Way - Run DMC vs Aerosmith would be cool.

Or something by the Arctic Monkeys, like Old Yellow Bricks.

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