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Top 5 Toughest Wednesday Players

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Norman Curtis

Don Megson

Vic Mobley

Tony Kay

Mel Sterland

Sorry Reda

Norman Curtis loved to see his pens, ran up from 30 yards

Don Megson only needed to go into a tackle to make wingers feel home sick

Vic Mobley a special place,he limped on with ligament dammage in semi v Chelsea ruining his chance of Wembley glory for the team.

Tony Kay Dirty little snide would do opponents when ref unsighted, think Bremner picked up much of Kay

Mel Sterland The proverbial Brick shithouse destroyer

Sorry Reda you do make the top 10 but see gaffer for tips

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david grant ?

Yep i can go for that.

1. Mike Lyons - a lion (lived up to his name)

2. Andy Mac - a flipping beast of a forward

3. David Grant - bit of a psycho

4. David 'the boy wonder' Hirst - chief scarer of centre-halves

5 Tony Cunningham - a big physical awkward bugger

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Lawrie Madden ?!

I remember Villa park I think around 1988/89.At the time Alan McInally (his nickname was Rambo) was playing for Villa.The ball goes out of play for a Wednesay throw near where 4 of us was sat in amongst the Villa fans.

McInally picks up the ball thinking it was a Villa throw in,Along comes Lawrie Madden to take the throw, McInally then playing up to the crowd as the ref indicates a Wednesday throw.

Lawrie Madden grabs him by the throat whilst trying to retrieve the ball, McInally squares up to Lawrie Madden who was having none of it and squeezed harder.

Lawrie Madden was to be fair not the most gifted of players but would have run through a brick wall for the team and never shirked a tackle.


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Guest wednesday_1987

Madine - he'd punch a horse

Simek - Got a concussion and tried to play on till he fell over

Guy Branston - the gary wackett of real life

di canio - winterburn was bricking it

reda - look at him

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