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Team for Scunthorpe?

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Guest BoomTownOwls

Bywater (Sorry Weaver, poor today.)

Buxton (must start after today.)










You would drop the only player in the squad who has a clue how to score?

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Buxton Baath Jones Reda





....Lowe Madine

if defence are going to carry on hoofing it up, ogrady to flick on or to play it out to wingers and a nice couple of crosses to lowe and madine who can both put a decent header in the net

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I'm sorry , but this isn't football manager, COG on the wing? Get a grip, give Bywater another chance with Prutton and Lowe in the lineup and we won't go far wrong.

Completely agree mate, COG on the wing....ridiculous

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I like that against West Ham and Charlton Weaver was world class and because he has 1 bad game he should be dropped? using some people's logic them Lines and Semedo be dropped too? Keepers have the occasional off day, there should be changes though. My team would be

GK: Weaver

RB: Buxton ( c )

CB: Batth

CB: Llera

LB: R Johnson

RW: J Johnson

CM: Jose Semedo

CM: Prutton

LW: O'Grady

ST: Lowe

ST: Madine

SUBS: Bywater, Otsemobor, M Jones, Lines, Morrison


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Guest beefus chiefus

Narrow pitch means we don't have to worry about their wingers too much. Take the opportunity to play three up top with COG and Lowe/JJ peeling off wide of Madine. Prutton, Lines and Semedo in the middle to boss things.

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Forget width at Scunny, it is one of the narrowest pitches in the country, play down the middle for COG to hold it up , and play Madine off him.

scunny's pitch is one yard wider than ours(72yards to 71yards ) so thats blown that out the water baz .....

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Buxton © Batth Llera R.Johnson

JJ Lines Semedo J.Bennett

Madine Lowe

Subs: Weaver, Rob Jones, Mike Jones, O'Grady, C.Morrison

Julian Bennett comes into the side to sure us up defensively on one side (giving JJ more freedom to roam) but for his long throw as well, which could be valuable and is something we have missed since Ben Marshall left. Llera starts to see if he can move the ball around from defence a bit better than Rob Jones does. Lowe starts because he scores goals, especially away from Hillsborough for some reason.

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