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Well Niagra or Sheridans ?

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First of all let me say i have only just starting using the W/ITE lounge, ( now its getting too wet and cold for the offy and carpark wall) so the following observations of mine may not carry much weight with many but here goes anyway.

I was very pleased that the lounge was going to be based at the Ground on Saturday, where i have always thought it should be, and the officials of W/ITE should be commended for keeping up the badgering dialogue, with SWFC to get the lounge there for this game.

But having sampled what is on offer at both venue's, i have to say that apart from location the Niagra is IMO the prefered location in terms of what is offered to cater for the needs of the average pre match punter, namely Alcohol and food,

While not saying that the Ale at the Niaga is anything special, it is far superior to the strange tasting liquid fare i was served on Saturday.

I was drinking Carling, which although not usually a preference of mine is usually palatable, but this had a strange chemical taste to it.

I was then joined by a couple of others who both had different drinks to me, but who without any prompting detected the same strange taste and smell, one of them then decided to go on to Guiness but alas with the same result.

With me driving after the game i knew the problem was not going to be a major one for me but decided to mention it at the bar and asked if the pumps had just been cleaned, as to me this was the most likely reason for the Chemical taste and smell, to which i got the reply, do you know what, if ya go just up road to the Park its better and cheaper than this, astounded i left it there, although probably totally unrelated i did spent all day sunday having words with Hugheeee down the lav bowl

Next on the agenda Food, i can only speak for what i had, and i must say the meals that i saw some having did look decent, (although i dont know how much they cost compared to excellent pie chips and peas at the niagra), but my chip buty was poor value, dry bread filled with average chips, and as i found out when handed to me, could not be improved and moistened by vinegar, as there was none.

Sorry for the Long Post but just wondered if others who use the Lounge more than me, have now slightly changed their minds over wanting the Lounge based at the ground ?.

As i said at the begging of the post not a dig in anyway at W/ITE or their hardworking background guys. WAAWAW

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