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Just heard the Life of Riley by the Lightning Seeds on Radio Sheffield this morning and it took me back in time.

I remembered the MOTD on the day of our FA Cup semi final win over the pigs which I watched in a tired and emotional state following the trip home ( I was bladdered as well ) As I recall Chris Waddle had just been announced Player of the year and a compilation of defenders on their backsides looking bewildered as the master did his thing was shown backed by the brilliant Life of Riley.

Happy days that will live on forever.

Any chance that any poster can knock together some DVDs of those classic days, got to be a market for this, copyright accepted, blah, blah

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.....Happy Days!!!!....mind you that 'Waddle the French way' Vid is brilliant to watch for the amazing 'Frenglish' accent he has....as good as Mclarens Dutch' one!!!....

Someone Else has done a classic French accent... cringeworthy :) forgot who it was though.

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