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A late comment on a great day out.

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If you havn't already then you got to do an away game. They are the best experience watching Wednesday, standing with thousands of fellow owls in another town and hearing that atmosphere from our support... thats when you know why you support Wednesday.

the ball bag comment lol

I've been to a couple of away games and the atmosphere is phenomenal! Still prefer to go to Hillsborough as the mere sight of the ground gives me a feeling like no other.

trevdi9 - No obvious Solskjærs in the Norwegian top division, but he is looking to be a really good manager! Its his first year as a first team manager and the team (Molde) are looking to win the championship for the first time in their history! He's also bringing in a lot of talented norwegian youngsters so hopefully we can get up to the championsip and snap a few of them up.

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thats what i like to hear mate ,glad he is doing well at management , phenominal player in his own right ,as well mate

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Hello to my fellow Owls!

I came over from Norway for the Sflaphorpe game last weekend and had a wonderful time, both at The Barrack Tavern and at the game. I brought with me six Man Utd.-fans (nice revenue for Wednesday :wink:) and they were impressed with both Hillsborough and the fans even though the ground wasn't even half full.

Before the game at the Barrack I struck up a conversation with several season ticket holders who were very friendly and I finally got to talk to someone who felt just as strong about our club as I do. Unfortunately I lost the note with their email-adresses on but I left mine at the Barrack so you can get it there.

Also a special thanks to the owners of the Tavern as they helped me get a hold of my wallet after I lost it in the cab back to the train station :blush:.

Hopefully it wont be long 'till my next trip to Hillsborough.

Up the Owls! Lets get those three points at the Valley tomorrow!

Cheers from David

Hello David

Glad you enjoyed your day in Sheffield. I was one of the season ticket holders you were talking with in the Barracks, hope you enjoyed the conversation as much as the fine selection of beers :wink:

we have your email address so we will drop you a line soon

enjoy the game tonight


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