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alf! Bargain and no risk?

Guest Owls1682

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Guest TonyOwl88

250k is pennies for a player like him? Not a major fan of his but knows where the is! Right or wrong?


Kind of..... £250k is a reasonable amount of money at this time for a striker from L2, especially when you consider that he is in the last year of his contract, and is available for free next summer.

Yes we need a striker now, but if he wasn't doing his stuff at Rotherham, would he really be getting this much attention from us? I mean it could be argued that he is slightly one-dimensional and doesn't work hard for the team, just looks to poach goals. What happens if that's not working? Don't get me wrong, poachers are players who do a real job for teams, but are we the right kind of team to play with a poacher up front?

He's not a Megson type player, imo.

To be honest though, this has all been said and discussed on multiple other ALF threads, including the one that reached almost 70 pages or so. I don't think he's coming.

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I'd say the risk is the fact he might not score 25+ goals at a higher level, especially with our currant style of play. Personally I wouldn't pay more than 350k for him. 3 goals in 3 games at L2 level hasn't proved anything we don't already know and he's still a L2 striker with less than a year on his contract

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there is always risk; you never know how a player will fare


How do you think Brighton can achieve back to back promotion? How you think Southampton are 3 games unbeaten in the mightly Championship? How do you think Bury can beat us despite being our "minnows"?

Fact of the matter is a good player or a good team playing in any of the 3 football leagues are alot more closely matched that we would like to admit. If you think a stiker that scores goals for fun in L2 would struggle to adapt to the "vastly different" L1 then you are smoking some of the best drugs known to man.

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