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Nonsense....a few questions need answering

Guest Briscoe Inferno

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Guest Briscoe Inferno

Milan Mandaric

How many more millions will it cost you to stay in this division another year?

What is the problem with giving your manager the players that he needs to get out of this division?

The only casualty of the wage cap and this transfer policy will ultimately be the manager who will cost to replace?

Is Paul Aldridge the new Kavan Walker in terms of hardball player recruitment?

I can understand us being one player short as we start a new season but to be 3 or 4 short - especially the third of the team that create, provide or convert chances, at such a crucial time beggars belief.

gary megson

Why are other players taking freekicks ahead of the proclaimed 'set piece specialist' Chris Lines?

Why do the players continue hoofing the ball up to the isolated Madine if this is contrary to instructions?

Why do the players not look to find space to give their team mates options when in posession?

This is playing out to be a repeat of previous seasons and if nothing changes in the immediate future then any confidence the players have will be sapped and the stall will be too steep to pull out of.

Early days but the signs are there for all to see - you need to act now to avoid disappointment.

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fully agree about the signs being there.

they were there under irvine and were ignored by MM and the happy clappers.

it's not like we're unlucky to lose, and you can chalk it up to "oh well, every team loses games every now and then", we're getting f*cking DOMINATED by bournemouth and bury. if they aren't warning signs i don't know what are. promotion my arse.

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Guest Briscoe Inferno

Clearly, by the amount of new topics started by confused of S6 in the last half hour, this is concerning a lot of folk.....

Mods - feel free to merge...

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