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What was your first swfc match?

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As a youngster i wasnt really into football but my dad used to take me to blunt lane but i didnt really give a poo poo what was happening,then on 19th September 1999 my older and wiser brother took me to my first wednesday game at St.James Park against Newcastle,this will always be a memory because we lost 8-0 but Watching the greatest player ive seen Alan Shearer bang 5 in made the experience amazing.

Thats my first swfc match at 10 years old

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QPR at home, about 1995, we drew 0-0 and it was dreadful.

The one mermorable moment was Ryan Jones hitting a shot from about 25 yards out, it bounced infront of the QPR keeper, Sieb Dykstra, saved it with his face.

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i know it was Barnsley away, not sure of the year though, ither 1983/84 i think i was very young

first games i can realy rember going to were round 1988 when i was a bit older

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