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Millwall are signing Mellor

Guest jimbob

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total BS imo. mellor said in an interview with WW that his little girl is about to start school so he doesn't want to disrupt their home life. i'd say that rules out any of the london clubs.

He'll not be the first footballer to do a U Turn on what he's said.

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Sports Journalist for Central Radio who covers PNE says he's off to Millwall.

Time to move on me thinks.

Millwall will probably be one of the championship clubs interested in him that he spoke about. No doubt the journo's are the same as they are up here and made a story out of nothing.

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Surely there is a compromise here Now that we are offering a 2 year deal, which is what he wanted, Could we not propose a deal whereupon the second year of his contract could be renegotiated if we go up. Certainly we've been told that we pay competitive wages for this league and were we to go up, Milan would push on for the Premier You would imagine the average over 2 years would amount to around what he wants now but only if we go up

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Guest BoomTownOwls

Just offer him the extra £1k if we get promoted plus a £100k bonus if he scores 20 league goals and we get promoted.

Everybody's happy.

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Stop panicking guys our lord Mandaric has just tweeted

Milan Mandarić


My boys are set out to Neil Mellors house to sort something out, and I'm having lunch with his agent. He will not sign for Millwall. @swfc

Everythings sorted lol

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Gagging to join us he is, absolutely gagging, been straining at the leash he has, got his bags packed ready and everything.

He loves the club, his Dad used to play for us. His brother's an Owl. He's bought an Owls car sticker too.

And don't forget he's turning down better offers from Championship clubs too because he loves us so much.

Seriously, how much longer can we hold off.

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Some need their eyes opening.

If he was that desperate to sign for us he would have done.

I don't have every faith in MM to do so, this whole farce and weak squad going into the season is making me doubt MM's methods.

You are a flipping moron.

The end.

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Sorry for adding a bit of reality to the situation..

Reality? Are you serious?

Milan is a business man, he will not be bullied in to paying more for something than what he thinks is good for the club. The fact we are not signing anyone, is hardly worrying at the moment. The window is still open for a Month, yes a month.

Maybe we are waiting for the premier league clubs to finalise there squads before we bring some people in?

You are not adding reality, you are following the rest who are panicking because Milan isn't spending millions left right and center. We are FAR better of than last season. I'd rather have a good squad like what we have now, than the excess amount of uninterested poo like last season.

Oh, and apology not accepted.

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