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Match-by-match price reductions on STs

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I believe they were doing this for the last couple of seasons... Will the club be doing it again?

Thanks to the TeamCard they could sell STs all year long and not just a half-ticket around Christmas time, every match which went by they just reduced the price of the ticket a bit. Does anyone know if they still plan to do this again this season, and by how much the price will drop per game?

I ask because being an unemployed graduate I can no longer 1) take advantage of the student prices, and 2) afford the adult price right now (not sensibly anyway).

The plan I formed was to just buy each ticket individually until I got a job in the hopefully not too distant future, at which point I'll pick up a proper ST. I'd also like to be able to keep my old seat, so if I bought a ticket for the Rochdale match now it's highly unlikely that someone else would buy a ST in my place!


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