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Is this the best sponsor we've ever had ?

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Seriously - am thinking this is one of the best if not THE best sponsor we've ever had

Am talking about Gilders of course and the VW logo on the shirt

I think personally that it just looks superb, and I'm really happy that it's Gilders that we've got who have links with Wednesday and who are Wednesday fans too

Take the childrens hospital thing away - this has got to be the best we've had

Looks good, is Owls related, and is a decent product that's being promoted

Full marks from me


Owlstalk Shop




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Doesn't have a huge amount of competition does it?!

A kitchen company

Whatever the f*** MHS was

Some plastics firm

A Scandinavian TV manufacturer (and no - not the decent one)

Peanut brittle

A Lollypop

Obscure electronics firm

Uncle Dave's gambling den

Some second rate broadband firm

Etc, etc

In reality, the only decent previous sponsor was the Children's Hospital. Though due to the result, I'll always have a soft spot for ASDA.

I move a lot of concrete on the QVC.

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Guest GodsanOwl

The Chupa Chups sponsor was awful, especially seeing as while we had it on our shirts, all the other teams gave us a licking!!

I think its a fantastic shirt, now I just need to paint my Passat blue & white to match my shirt!

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I have a sneaky feeling Neil is the new Wednesday marketing manager.......

Really? That would be ace. At least he'd spice things up a bit and get some interest going.

Not sure semi naked women would work every time for every product though.

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Guest Jump Owl

my worry is what happends when the shirts get old and wear off are kids going to start nicking the badges off the front of the shirts like they used to off Golfs in the 80s? :rolleyes::blink:

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