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In January 2011 this website stopped being about Sheffield Wednesday's fans protests, and I purchased it.

The proceeds were donated to charity by the previous owners, and all that remains is for me to do something with this website.

It's time to go, but where?

Michael Garibaldi

However instrumental TTG was in our survival we'll never quite know, though my feeling is that everyones efforts played a very small yet important part.

I popped onto the Garibaldi web site in the hope of free biscuits (deliberate board room pun). But found that it is an underused memorial to the memory of loved ones.

No one ever made money on the sale of the site as the proceeds were donated to charity and the site is being used for a worthy cause now.

What I am suggesting is that we Owls fans use it as a genuine memorial to our lost loved ones.

Please be mindful and respectful of the sites purpose and use it only for your memories, it's a lovely idea !

RIP Dad Albert Wright 13/12/1916 to 21/08/1981.

Regards Nev

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