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Goal of the 2010/2011 season

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I think its a choice of 4,

JJ at Yeovil

JJ at home to Exeter

Coke at home To Rochdale

Coke at home to Brighton (these two coke goals were very very similiar)

What do you reckon was the best we conceded?

Pilkington at hillsborough or the galpharm?

Hoskins at hillsoborough (sure it was a cross though)

Cureton away at Exeter

I can list a good few we conceded that were awesome so im gonna stop.......... That free kick for plymouths fourth,

Mellors in the JPT against Hartlepool was top quality too,

What are yours?

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Came across this while I was looking for JJs goal.

I think Potter got a lot of undeserved stick for the goal and Batth didn't exactly cover himself in glory either.

Go to about 0.50

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JJ away at Exeter for me ... "Weve got our JJ back" :cool:

Away at Exeter? :blink: Either you mean at home to Exeter, or the one away away to Yeovil.

I was on the terrace at Yeovil in a great position to see the way that he curled it just inside the post to perfection, but if you watch the TV pictures it looks like it goes straight in.

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Tudgay against Notts County. He also played well as well as the fine finish, just looked a touch above everyone else on the field as he had done for a while, even without seemingly trying.

Have to say, watching that game back and a few others beforehand makes me realise we did miss miss Marcus- even if anyone says he didn't care or whatever, he remained a vital player if Irvine was ever going to achieve promotion under us.

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Guest johnowls

Douglas I think.

asked my 8yr old who it was and he said Jonathan Douglas he's got a right memory when it comes to Wednesday :biggrin:

he says JJ at home to Exeter and Douglas at home for Swindon, i will agree or get in trouble :biggrin:

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Guest wednesday_lass


We've scored some decent goals.

People seem to forget Heffernans agains Bristol Rovers, I thought that goal was well worked with him and Clint linking up.

Mellor's against Tranmere was beautifully taken aswell.

Any of JJ's is worthy, but his against Exeter was the cherry on the crumbled cake that this season has been....


Douglas for Swindon.

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JJ in the cup against hereford I think has to be up there.

Weaver bowled it out to him and he skinned three or four players and stuck it in the corner,

best against- Hoskins lob in the 6-2, pilkington and douglas all spring to mind.

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Scored would be Miller's first against Tanmere. Great team break away.

Against would have to be the goal we conceded at home to Swindon. I seem to recall the entire ground applauding that one.

The Miller goal stood out for me as well.

Great counter attack.

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