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List of players increases to 9.....

Guest WoodhouseOwl77

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Interesting, we should be able to address all the problem areas if we can bring in nine There are dangers of course with trying to assimilate nine new players into a squad at once but if we can get them in early enough, the manager has plenty of time to work with them So bringing these players in is not dependent on moving others out? Of course this will happen but are the incoming dependent on players leaving first If we could bring in nine then I'd be happy to see Barth, Jones and Mellor return, though whether we should be paying fees for all of them, I'm not sure

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OWLS manager gary megson has placed another three players on his list of targets.

Nine names have now been passed to chairman Milan Mandaric and vice-chairman Paul Aldridge.

Efforts to arrange deals have already begun.

“I’ve handed over the names of nine players that I want to bring in,” confirmed Megson.

“Six would be on free transfers; three would cost fees.

“They are all British players. Some are well known to Wednesday supporters. We’ll try to bring as many of them in as we can.

“Milan and Paul have been given the names. I’m delighted that they’ve already made inroads.”

Megson recently made it known that his list comprised six players - but he did say at the time that he was also looking at positions and types of player.

It is after completing that analysis that he has come up with the three extra names.

The nine are believed to include this season’s loan trio of Rob Jones, Danny Batth and Neil Mellor - who may also be the three who would cost fees.

Jones and Mellor each have a year left on their contracts with Sflaphorpe and Preston respectively; Batth signed a new-four deal at Wolves earlier this year.

Megson, however, refuses to disclose any of his targets.

He does acknowledge the impact made up front by 20-goal top scorer Mellor and the defensive steel supplied by Jones and Batth.

“We’ve seen what they (the three) can do,” he admitted. “They have done well for Wednesday.

“I do believe that if we had not brought Rob Jones and Danny Batth in, we’d have been seriously flirting with relegation. Before they came in, we were averaging three goals against us per game.”

Meanwhile, former Owls players Paolo Di Canio and Jim Magilton are believed to be among the applicants for the Swindon job.

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Don't get over excited, it's still going to be with the caveat that players must be removed from our employ first.

Don't get me wrong, we ain't in the predicament that Utd are in with needing to shift players first, a few might come in without players leaving, but not all of them.

I can see sedgewick accepting a small payoff (in relation to the wages he would have earn) to leave and we've just let Miller and Hinds go, but we're going to have to be very lucky for teams to come in for the likes of Potter and Teale.

Others like Spurr, Reynolds and the two morrison's all have a saleable value and I can see teams coming in for them.

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I read it as he's saying he wants to sign the 3 loan players ???

That might be the case, but personally, I'd be suprised if Nolan wasn't on the radar at least. He's probably one of the ones dependent on others moving on (Spurr, Reynolds)

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I just hope that the signings are a good mix of young and old.

Really don't want to see us saddled with another bunch of over-the-hill footballers that have come for one last pay day.

We need the right blend.

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Guest Stereophonics

How nice is it that we are in a position to go for players we want, rather than who's available and hope they fit?

Think the article states that most of them are free transfers so we are slightly limited still

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I know you get better players on frees these days, but if we pay a fee for Mellor and Jones for example the rest will be frees.

It takes us off the trail of some of the "wanted men" ie Hoskins, Danny Green.

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Guest Sheff Owl

I really hope we have someone like Danny Green on the radar - he has proved he can do it in this League far too good for League Two.

He scored 13 goals from Midfield.

Weather we would get him is another story especially if Championship teams are sniffing but still would rather have some like him than a 'experienced' player that has done it 5 years ago.

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Guest Deleted member

Not true

If they are on frees it may be that they were out of contract at their current clubs - who may not have been able to agree a contract with them

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