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The SWFC Official Gallery 10 Best Selling Images

Guest SWFCOfficialGallery

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Guest SWFCOfficialGallery

Now that the 2010/11 Season is coming to a close, the Official Gallery has published the top selling images of the last 18 months.

1st South Stand At Night

2nd = John Sheridan

2nd = Boxing Day Massacre

3rd Home From Home (North Stand / Kop)

4th My Other House (North Stand)

5th = Steve Watson Beats Blades

5th = Marcus Tudgay

5th = Kop Panorama

5th = Neil Mellor (Hat-Trick Hero)

6th Oldest In Yorkshire

7th Home Of The 12th Man (Kop)

8th = Nicky Weaver

8th = Tommy Spurr

8th = Jermaine Johnson

9th = Sunny North Stand

9th = Fa Cup 1935 Winners

9th = Blue Badge

10th = Varney

10th = The Gaffer

10th = Terry Curran Legend

10th = Steel City Heroes

10th = Home Of An Owl

10th = Badge On White

Head over to swfc.officialgallery.co.uk to see our selection of gallery wrapped canvasses, posters and framed prints.

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I had a "South Stand @ Night" canvas ordered for me earlier today as a birthday present. I was ideally wanting to have it without the club badge in the bottom left (I was under the impression that this was possible). The person on the phone who took the order said that this was not possible so it has been ordered as is. Is this correct? Apologies if this has not been posted in an appropriate place.

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