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What's happened to.....

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What's happened to all the matchday offers that used to happen under the LS regime?

There used to be kids for a quid and friends for a fiver offers seemingly every other week, I know there was some critiscism from ST holders but I'm sure the majority are in favour. I also understand that there is a maximum number of offer games that can be done but I'm certain this limit has not been reached.

If we could do it when we were skint what's stopping us now?

I get the impression that attracting new supporters and enticing back new ones is right down on the list of priorities for SWFC at the moment. Some might say they are even doing their best to drive away current supporters with their absurd ground regulations.....

We used to publicise matches where fans were encouaged to wear their team shirt at a given match, this doesn't happen any more and costs nowt.

Anyway, if Wednesday are not going to to anything then lets do it ourselves - starting on Saturday. If 16000 of us turned up in our blue and white shirts the stadium would look amazing - almost like a massive blue and white flag........

I have even produced a poster to promote this event.


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