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TONIGHT @ Don Valley - Fight Night

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Don Valley Stadium

Saturday 30th April 2011

Doors Open - 7pm

First Bell - 8pm

Over the last few years there's been some cracking boxing in Sheffield but I doubt anything will compare to the lineup of boxers that make this lineup.

  • Liam Cameron - an absolute world champion of the future - no doubt about it
  • Nicki Smedley - lifelong Wednesday fan and one of the most exciting fighters on the scene. He is one of the most exciting fighters I've seen - so I get a real buzz from watching him (not always great as I'm supposed to try and keep a steady hand as I shoot fight pics but I get too into it !)
  • Reagon Denton - an absolute flipping animal that gets unleashed in the ring every now and again for all hell to break loose
  • Andy Roberts - small, lighting fast, buzzing around the ring all the time - never stops moving
  • Jamie Ward - stocky, tough little boxer with a big punch
  • Kyle Winters - making his debut with us
  • Kyle Whitham - pig fan (boooo.....) but full of character and seeing him punch in the gym I'm glad I'm not on the end of his big hits
  • Izzy - this dude has a BIG following who make a lot of noise - his chance to impress
  • David Howe - absolutely flipping MASSIVE dude who is like a white darth vader. You do NOT want to get in the ring with Dave Howe - trust me.. (but someone's going to !)

Normally you wouldn't see this line up in one event so to have all these fights on one bill is very special indeed and overall this is one HELL of a night of boxing.

I'd usually advertise our boxing events on here by simple putting a poster and ticket details up, but on this occasion I'd recommend doing anything and everything you can to get down to Don Valley for this - it's gonna be really special

Nicki Smedley will be making an appearance on the Hillsborough pitch on the 16th April (Hartlepool game) to give you all a wave and to try and drum up support from you fellow Owls fans

Tickets £30 Open Seating or £55 V.I.P Ringside

For tickets call 07501 360603 (say you saw the fight on Owlstalk website)

Nicki's Last Fight


Owlstalk Shop




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