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Who will be our Player of the Year?

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Guest Briscoe Inferno

how the flip can peter eustace be player of 69-70 he only played 16 games and sodded off to west ham half way thru the season .....kivo your making that up surely

In a similar way that Eric McMordie was leading goalscorer with 6 in 74-75. And he only played 8 games on loan.

My money is on a certain Darren Purse.....

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there has been some good performances earier in the season

teale,mellor,,coke,,buxton(when fit),weaver,,,,all those players did them selves proud early season

at the moment with the poor performances lately,maby its not the best time to be objectively accessing these players,,,we have some games left,so hopefully megson can get a better level of performance in the last games of the season,and maby then we will have a better perspective as to who played best over a long hard season

players do have to have personal pride,and i do think they have badly let down both irvine and megson

to we cant escape the fact that they are under the control of a manager who is responsible ultimaltey that picks,preparesand motivates the players

almost all the players ave been far too inconsistant this season,,,,

i mean how can the same 11 wee pipe bristol rover 6-1 then epically get hammered 5-1 on a cold winters day vs exeter?

overall i hope there are a couple of players who will be really worthy of it


has dipped in last 10 games,but the previous 25 was outstanding

there is no doubt he cares,and has been a very shrewd quick replacement for the vulger pawning of grant for peanuts


was great at first,and a really nice surprise to the ones of us(like me)who had not even of heard of him before he came,,,

i think the crying when he missed that penalty that cost irvine his job effectively,,,,and his general air,when ive seen him,,,as been of a guy who puts in a shift,hgas a good finsh on him,,maby his 1st touch has let him down a little at times....


probelry hasnt played enough to be considered,but when played.,has been a huge plus,,he has worked his socks off,ad really stood up to be counted at times...big big miss,and part of the reason we look poor at the back


agaqin to played enough maby,and has been frozen out after his injury

befre his injury tho,,,14goals in 24games(off my head)

and what ive seen is a player(when properly fit) who puts himself about,and gets goals,,

i like him,but if megson doesnt fancy him/and with madine coming on the block,,then he days appeared to be numbered

having said that,,if gets some games now,and scores more goals,he could end with 20-25goals from 35games,and be in contention(i realise its a big if)


again not played all season,,but displays real promise as a good old fashioned target man

not seen here since the epic andy booth

could be a real boon to him,so if he keeps playing well,he might be worth a shout

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Guest angel

i would give it to potter. love him or loathe him the kid tries his heart out. if only everyone did that there would have been a chance of getting out of this mickey mouse league one.

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Liam Palmer for forcing his way through and being a shining light at the end of a long and gloomy tunnel. Giving me hope that there is some talent at the club. A couple of stone short at the minute but nothing the gym, protein and hard work won't sort.

Well done Liam Palmer.

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