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Back to League One action and The Sheffield Wednesday Supporters Society, Wednesdayite are delighted to announce the popular pre-match Wednesdayite Lounge will take place at the Niagara Sports & Social Club in the Niagara Suite for the Owls v MK Dons game on Saturday 5th February 2011 (3pm KO).

The lounge will be open from midday until 2.45pm.

For further details click here

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Can you tell me which team it is this week, I've misplaced my rota...?


Are you still using that one...??! :laugh:

It's so out of date.

Dicky changed it a few months ago - the important people got a copy.

But just to show I'm being fair...... *cough* Port Vale *cough* ......but you didn't hear that from me, ok?

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Aha... Aha... I knew you would fall for the 'new rota' trick from Dicky...!

Did it not occur to you why your selection wasn't getting closer to the winning team each week...?


So long muthasucker...!


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