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Hi-Fi's/Stereos/Speakers etc

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I'm looking at buying a new stereo for my room. i don't need nothing too special for now, but obviously decent quality sound, DAB, MP3 docking (I don't have an MP3 player yet, looking at getting a Zen Touch 2 ) or if not docking for it, atleast a USB port so I can connect them together, but I;m thinking about getting a iPod (Would rather not!) due to ease of every Hi-Fi having iPod docking.

Anyway, I've seen this Hi-Fi- http://www.comet.co.uk/p/Micro-Hi-Fis/buy-SONY-CMT-BX77DBI.CEK-Micro-Hi-Fi/635014#fulldetails

It doesn't have USB I don't think so would need to get an iPod for this one, right?

Also, I'd like to connect it up to my TV so I have the choice to play the TV through the speakers as well as the TV speakers - Is this possible?

Would you reccomend another stereo for me, rather than this one, that can do all or most of the above for around £150?

Cheers in advance, I'm good with PC's but poo poo with audio!

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Looks ok for the money but you won't be able to connect your tv into it as there's no inputs on that one.

Tbh i'm not an expert on the lower end all in one hifi units like this nowadays.

I dsicovered the wonders of seperate systems a few years ago and haven't had any of these all in one systems since.

Have a look for Onkyo who seem to make a few of these types of systems.

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I guess connecting it to my TV is not my main priority, but would be a nice addition.

The MP3 player part is what i really need, save me burning CD's if I can just stick them all on an MP3 player.

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I got a new mini system a couple of years ago, and after a lot of research opted for a Denon DM-38 DAB - http://caraudiosecurity.com/shop/product/products_id/14424/referer/rc_googleproduct.html

Might be better options out now, but at the time this was the best combination of price and quality. Good quality sound which I've been very happy with, and has all the features you've listed inc. USB and 2 sets of inputs/outputs (I run my desktop PC through it but TV should work just as well).

Only thing I would say is that the speakers that come with it by default are decent but not great - I just got the main unit on its own and picked up some different speakers instead.

edit - signed, davethemagicweasel. Home for xmas and apparently my dad has an owlstalk log-in!

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Yeah Denon make some decent enough gear.

Good idea with picking up seperate speakers although that will push the price up further.

Having said that, it's something you could do later on when you've got some spare cash.

Wharfedale, Tannoy and Mission make some good speakers for the money.

I wouldn't spend too much on a micro/mini system setup anyway.

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Someone else has recomended that Denon one to me.

£179 at Richer Sounds so think I'll go and have a look at it.

Could just buy the unit on it's own for now and save for some decent speakers.

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If they do have it in stock and you like it, see what deal they can do with a set of speakers.

They sell Wharfedale, Tannoy and Mission speakers.

JBL, Gale, Mordaunt Short and Dali also make some decent lower budget speakers.

You could try a few sets out to decide which you like.

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Are there not any 5.1 systems with built in DAB?

I use my Sony surround sound unit for basically all the audio in my living room - whether it's a USB stick / my iPod / the tele / the ps3 / the radio (fm)

The only thing on your list it can't do is DAB... Although I listen to Galaxy mainly which is on Sky anyways!

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