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Guest JonR

I bet rumbleowls is either

a) teaming up with Bills on his thorough search of the USA for investment

b)He is also a multimillionaire, just forgot to mention it. He will be searching UAE for investors

nailed on


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Surfice to say the appropriate procedures have been followed. Inner Cirle are fully up to speed.

Please don't press me for more information.

I've just been told the US TV networks will be covering things.

At least your spelling is up to their standard.

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Can't, watching lost!

Or will I be watching lost, but delayed on here?!?!?!?!

Someone died. Except they didn't. The smoke monster twatted some people. The end.

Hope I didn't ruin it for you...

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I'm heading out for a beer or two now and won't read about this important news until tomorrow.

So Rumbleows, i would like to inform you that becuase of the lateness of the announcement you have officially ruined my night

Thanks dry.gif

if there's a TV screen where your going, you won't miss out.

This story is going to blow the flipping doors off!

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