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Football heaven

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How long before everyone else realises the problems lie with the board and not the chairman, whoever that may be. Dave Coupe on now saying Lee was pushed out.

... and he called Paul Andy..........


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I was just thinking that ... he's the bitter pig who kept trying to get an investigation into the world cup bid, I recognise the voice ... trying to pass himself off as an owl

,,,and what a wining voice too. I'd love to engage him in conversation up a dark alley.

"Wednesday should never have been awarded the World Cu *SMACK*

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Guest gringo69

Shurrup biiiitch and get some puddin's burnt, this is a mans world KNOW YOUR LIMITS WOMAN................

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Who are these slagging Lee off? Come off it Lee has done plenty off the field. Give the guy some credit FFS

I agree things havent gone as planned but come on he did his hardest to improve us!

These fans slagging him off are those who see a succesful Chairman in a very simple way....

Success on the pitch = a successful Chairman.

Like it or not there are thousands of W'ites that feel that way. Forget shirt sponsorship / nice pies etc etc

In that respect LS has failed!!

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