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If you watched JJ for season you'd see him do that with his arms pretty much every game. It was accidental at best. JJ didn't even lift his head up to see were Cresswells head was!

He does it to shield the ball. And obviously the odd flailing arm catches some one. Burton used to do the same thing and he caught a few in the face.

Like others have said. Its a contact sport man up ffs!!! Wouldn't surprise me if Cresswells cracked a fair few in his time aswell!!

And it funny how they haven't mentioned Morgan smacking Varney in the face. What footballer leads into a header with his flippingelbow!?! He's just as much in the wrong as JJ. Just because he didn't draw blood doesn't make it an okay challenge.

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'Duuuuurrrrr... me got in head.... errr....play off target still on....errrr'

sorry but how the flip did that need eight stitches and if it's the worst cut the club doctor has seen in seventeen years was he off duty when Hume got tw@tted?

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Ten minutes to stitch the worse cut he's seen in 17 years - either he's f*****g quick or he's not seen many cuts!!

he must be the shitest Dr ever!

I have seen and stitched worse than that and they wern't the worst I have seen!

God forbid he gets asked to do med cover at a UFC event, boxing or Rugby!

Even the clubs Dr is brainwashed to moan and squeal like the rest of em!

PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad::mad:

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To be brutally honest you couldn't see the incident that clearly but it did look like JJ caught him a couple of times (provoked by Cresswell too). If it had been the other way round I would have called for a sending off.

However, Sheff utd have no right what so ever to kick up a fuss. Morgan's was far more malicious on Varney and Sheff Utd got away with plenty of dirty fouls on Sunday. Add to that the attempted murder on hulme last season and it's laughable that they even considered FA action. :excl:

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