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Jonjo's tribute to Liam.

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not afraid to admit I welled up

Remember this getting read out by one of his cousins at our school and even some of the "hard" boys in the group were choking back tears

Died for our country, yet at too young an age. What exactly do we have to show for all these deaths in Iraq / Afghanistan .......

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Touching read, indeed that is. A fitting tribute to a hero! Puts things in a bit of perspective to a lot of us, doesn't it?

(And to think that the Americans actually were smuggling home their fallen to avoid publicity during the Bush era?)

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It's got to be absolutely hearbreaking for the families left behind. And that hearbreak will never go away.

I have a son and daughter about the same age - the pain, although you try to relate to it, must be devastating.

You can only offer them your greatest respect, condolences and thanks.

Too sad.

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A sad, moving and proud tribute to a fallen hero. Am sat here with tears running down my face with my youngest playing innocently at my feet. As a parent of 2 boys with a similar gap between them as Liam and Jonjo I can imagine the devastation that Their parents are going through.

RIP Liam my heartfelt thanks for your bravery and ultimate sacrifice

The Riley family. Take care all of you.


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