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I'm going to renew my season ticket tomorrow

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I was waiting to see what division we were going to be in.

Now I know its League One - I'm sorting out the renewal

Im not renewing mine, first time in 30 years Im not having a season ticket. And Im not the only one of our group that isnt renewing.

Dont like the fact that if I want my seat at last years price Ive got to do it before next week. Never known any club nevermind SWFC asking fans to pay for their season ticket 6 months+ before theyre gonna use it.

Good point made on Praise and Grumble last night, if its good enough for Club9 sports to wait until the relegation issue has been decided before commiting their money then it should be good enough for the fans as well.

Im a big fan of LS and what he's trying to do for SWFC but this is a massive own goal. It needs a huge rethink now or we will have less than 10,000 season ticket holders next year, especially if we're in the 3rd division.

For the first time in 30 years ill pick my matches.

:Dark Sad:

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