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Why do you hate football?

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I hate Alan Green.

I hate the idiots who fall for Adrian Durham's blatantly controversial statements by ringing TalkSport up.

I hate Stan Collymore and his moronic comments made in his even more moronic brummie accent.

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I hate that 72% of football fans are Danny Dyer tribute acts

I hate the rumbleers that can legitimately buy a season ticket, or a least go the majority of home games, don't and then turn up to work in the shirt of "their club" every Monday morning after a win

I hate that it's a sport that has no openly gay players

I hate that outside of local derbies we sing songs about beating the Blades 30+ years ago

I hate that we ask the manager to give us a rumbleing wave

I hate the people who won't come to the matches on a regular basis until we play good football, yet when promotion happens will say that they supported their team "through thick and thin"

I hate Jamie and Louise Redknapp poncing around on holiday for flaping Thomson's

I hate it when self-proclaimed "top boys" cement their status by chasing the family of their opposing team

I hate that 80% of Donny Rovers fans claim to have supported them "all me life"

Hate it? Bit strong that. It's just a bit baffling!

Shame supporters can't come up with new and original songs at least once a decade that fans will actually sing.

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Guest Handsworthowl

New 'bowl' stadia

El Hadj Diouf

Sitting at games

(Some) Stewards

Plastic top 4 fans (MAN YOO TILL I DIE LIKE, "you're from chuffing sussex")

Away Days when we lose and you have shelled out a good lot, and come home sober

Leeds fans

The fact that Barnsley fans always have to resort to violence and intimidation agaisnt us when we beat them at oakwell

Sheffield United

The fact that we sing more songs about united and leeds than our own club

Fans from places like Chesterfield, Donny, and even on one occasion, Huddersfield, that jump on the "we hate wednesday" bandwagon

The Premier League TM

Stadium sponsorships

The division of blunts that always seem to have an excuse

Probably more to come.

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Ihate that there is only ever a one to two minutes of added time in the first half but always five to six in the second.

I hate the demise of the Cup Winner Cup if it was still around the FA cup would still mean something

I hate the Champions League it should be just the league champions in this competition

I hate that the World Cup winners have to qualify they should automaticaly be there to defend

I hate that Saturday is no longer the traditional football day

I hate Dave Richards( i refuse to put sir before his name)

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Thats their own fault!

Other than 3rd going up I can't see any other fairer way???

Higher you finish the less games you play. If you did it as one leg games aswell the 6th team would still play as many games as they would in the current format.


But as it currently stands the team in 3rd should have an advantage anyway, playing the team who finished 6th in the semis. If they're so much better they should easily win the semis and subsequent final, shouldn't they?

I think you're looking to 'improve' something that's fine as it is.

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I hate:

- The fact Wednesday started its downward spiral as soon as I started supporting then (Sept 93)

- Soulless stadiums

- Not being able to stand at matches

- The FA Cup not being more important than the Premiership, linking to...

- 'Champions' league spot for a 4th placed side, and....

- No Cup Winners Cup. Watching this on TV was a major factor in me likeing football (even though I alread 'supported' Wednesday)

- Not being able to get to more matches

- Diving

- Any cheating

- Kevin Blackwell

- Radio Pig


- Anyone who was more than 30ish miles from their club when they started supporting them (though I can accept if they are following a parent/grandparent etc who was in the away at the time that the parent/grandparent started supporting)

- Referees asking for respect but giving us opertunities not to respect them (get goal line technology and Europa league style penalty area assistants)

- Not giving referees respect

- Manure fans

- Sky

- the 'big 4'

- Levels of money in the game

- That no one seems willing to invest in us.

- Clubs not being run for a profit - ie Man City, Chelski

- Wanting Owls to be in the Prem but knowing that the Championship is a better league.


- Football which isn't played at 3pm sat or 7.45tues/wed

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I hate Rafa Benitez because he's an awful manager who inexplicably has won the Champions league

I hate that Emile Heskey is still Englands best option up front

I hate that some players like Chris Morgan , Roy Keane and Kevin Muscat deliberately do/did things to their peers that have ended careers on the pitch , and if done off a football pitch would land them in jail.

I hate that SWFC's most famous supporter is an embarrasing racist ( not you Mr Hattersley )I hate that the FA cup is an inconvenience to the 'big' clubs , a poor third behind the premiership and Europe. I used to look forward to cup final day for weeks before it happened. I know all the finalists & scorers from '73 to '93..but couldn't tell you who has been in it the last five years.

I hate that I was never good enough or lucky enough to have played a game of 11 a side with a proper ref ( but love that I now play 6 a side in a league)

I hate El Hadj Diouf and all the sneering ungrateful arses he has spawned, including 'bling' players at our own club. You can even see them in our reserves and you know they will waste their opportunity.

I hate that referees are totally unaccountable for their actions from grass routes upwards because they are a protected species and we have no alternative. I believe that referees at the top level are egomaniacs who occasionally deliberately make incorrect decisions so they become center of attention.

I hate parents who are abusive to the opposition in kids football. They are children, ffs. I also hate the referees that are unashamedly biased in these games and give a bad example to the youngsters.

I hate the fact that despite going to my first SWFC game in 1977/78 , I have never had a season ticket. It makes me feel guilty and I need to put my hand in my pocket one of these days.

Really????? who's that then????

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- Being treated with contempt by the police when your only crime is wanting to watch your team play away from home

- UEFA/FIFA ignoring the bad behaviour of any fans who are not English

- Excetionally average footballers making more in a week than I do in a year

- The FA making up punishments as they go along

- The pigs being legally allowed to sue West Ham because they couldn't get a point against a wee wee poor Wigan team that only had 10 men

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Guest gingerowl1

Inspired by a QPR fan on 606.

I hate that female journalists are now mandatory

I hate you for saying that!!!

Also, hate Man City for losing all there self respect...I used to like tyhem with all there relegation and fight to get back to the top. Now they are turning into exactly what they used to slag Man U off for....SOULLESS!!

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I hate that there are only a handful of posts in this thread that I dont agree with.

Hate liverpool and everything that goes with them.

Hate that nothing achieved before 1992 counts anymore.

Hate the money involved.

Hate SSN as all it is really is a 24hr advert for sky sports.

Dont like united and their manager and players.

Hate that 2 losses=pressure for managers.

Hate the hope you get before the fail.

Hate endless takeover and investment speculation at Wednesday. poo poo or get off the pot.

Hate plastic glory hunters who've never seen 'their' team live.

Hate mugs who put their arsenal shirt on on a sturday to watch Jeff.

Hate that we're not more succesful at the moment.

Hate that united have overtaken us in the last few years, even though it wont last and it'll make us overtaking them sweeter. I'm gonna give it em both barrels for as long as I can when we do.

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1. Sitting down.

2. Useless, not all, stewards.

3. Brain dead pie sellers.

4. The Football League Show. The way the BBC/Sky treats anything other than the Premier League is a disgrace. Why dont they have an email section on Match of the Day? See how that goes down.

5. Sky Sports.

6. The dilution of the grandeur of the FA Cup.

7. The 'Big Four' voting for a ridiculous 'Champions League' (which everyone knows is just the European Super League they all wanted), then complaining about fixture congestion!

8. The 'Champions League' allowing the top four in the Premier League qualify. Surely it should be the Champions only!?

9. People thinking referees are useless these days. Pre-Sky there were highlights of just two games per week with two or three cameras present, now every game with loads of cameras are used to villify refereeing decisions. English referees are probably the best in the world.

10. Badge kissing.

11. Goal celebration music.

12. Shouting PA announcers.

13. Roof mounted floodlights. Bring back pylons!!

14. 'Team England.'

15. England fans.

16. Pointless pre/post match interviews with managers.

17. Sky fans. Fans who say they support a team just because they watch them on tv.

18. The amount of foreign players.

19. The loss of our neon sign on Penistone Road,


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I hate Owlstalk.

I hate Dave Allen Karen and Ashley and the rest of that horrible regime.

I hate Man City.

I hate Chelsea

I hate the Old Firm and the amount of pondlife f*ckers they have as 'fans'. I hate the fact that Old Firm matches leads to violence in Northern Ireland.

I hate how Northern Ireland fans are always painted as bigots while Republic fans are never ever sectarian and jolly craicsters.

I hate the incompetence of the IFA.

I hate the f*cking disregard 4 certain NI players held for their fans for going out on the wee wee before we lost at home to Slovakia killing any chance of WC qualification.

I hate George f*cking Jones playing his music way too loud at NI matches. When we win I don't want Crazy nights blased out I want to celebrate with fellow fans.

I hate how Man United fans think they now have it bad. Expereince real misery you utter flaps.

I hate the fact we are poo .

I hate that f*cking cod canyon who is always in The Bot ( a belfast bar) in his Liverpool shirt with Justice 96 shirt. Want me to get a Juventus shirt with Justice 85 on it you c*nt.

I hate Stevie Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I hate Fat Frank.

I hate the fact people expect me to want England to do well at major tournaments because I support an English club side.

I hate the fact the world centres around the top four.

I hate Tony Pulis and his poo cap

I hate Sam Allardyces ugly face, ugly football and shuffle headset.

I hate Linfield and the extra money they get from their IFA contract.

I still hate Andy Linghan.

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I hate ITV's coverage of any football

I hate Dean Windass as a player and now as a pundit on soccer saturday, the man sounds like Scary Spice from Bo Selecta

I hate Kevin Blackwell's post match summary where he describes the match he played on fifa the night before rather than what happened in the real world

I hate Kevin McCabe's moaning and lawsuits

I hate chairmen in general though old Lee Strafford's an alreyt bloke

I hate Akpo Sodje playing a blinder and you just know any second he's gonna get injured and be out for the rest of the season

I hate the fact we didn't give J-P McGovern or Matty Hamshaw new contracts

But Wednesday we love you

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I hate home matches

I hate the fact I love Wednesday.

I hate most Wednesdayites passionate love with Weatherspoons, the pub trades dying and people insist on ploughing money into chain of poo poo pubs.

I hate new style shitty away grounds that all look the same. That are situated in the middle of nowhere.

I hate the England squad, overpaid set of lobbers that put phones up each others bums. Ferdinand dodges a drugs test and Neville suggests they all strike.

I hate the cow on The Fooball League Show, a living wage to read window lickers texts at midnight.

I hate Kevin Mccabe, don't sue me.

I hate grunters

I hate away night matches that are miles away (Plymouth, Southampton, Newcastle, Ipswich) and no trains available to get you home.

I hate grown men at away games who wear the kit as if they're getting a game, then moan when they can't get in any pubs. (Usually Geordies)

I hate Liverpool + the 20yr old justice for the 96 campaign.

I hate the spriralling debt in football to pay ridiculously high wages to stuck up footballers

I flipping hate paying £20 - £30 for an away ticket, anything over a tenner is a disgrace for 90 minutes.

I hate having to buy train tickets to away matches 6 weeks in advance to save money on the extortionate "Day Return Ticket" only for the game to be postponed.

I hate police on match days herding people like lemmings, hitting women, kids and old gadgers with truncheons. Usually for the enjoyment.

I hate being let into the away end at the piggery half an hour late every visit because of dodgy electronic turnstiles.

I hate being turned away from games due to having a few drinks.

I hate sitting down

I hate attending with the dragon. Moan moan moan flipping moan.

I hate booking a short break in Spain Mon - Fri in September to avoid missing games, only for Middlesbrough to be announced as a Tuesday night game and Pigs away moved back to Friday night.

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