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Alan Irvine

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Considering our record for:

back to back wins

away form

evening games

Not a chance, unbelievable start for AI

Absolutely. The biggest thing for me is there seems to be a belief and some passion in the team again. There is no way we would have done this under Brian. ALAN IRVINE'S BARMY ARMY!
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hear hear .. LONG may it continue

:biggrin: Lets not get carried but weve won a midweek match! surely this constitutes a total overhaul in the teams mentality, bring on the Posh on saturday lets give our new hero a fitting homecoming CMON WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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After an absolute s**t day at work, that result has made my day.

I needed 2 valium and a lie down at 6 pm. (thats what the health service does for you)

What a week eh?

Well done to all at SWFC! XX

I'm now going to enjoy a glass of Merlot (or 2)

Im joining you, and a medium sized cigar! I thank you!!

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