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Wednesday Daily Photo

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I'm not taking the pish now but do we have such a thing as a trophy room? If so any chance of some piccies?

Also - you may not remember if you're not old, but there used to be a gangaway spliting the old stand (South), between the uncovered and covered seats, now did this get demolished during the refurb or did it get covered up like, so is there a secret tunnel running the length of the South Stand that only old people and staff know about - piccie of that would be reyt spooky.

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Eh? Who?!

When I click on your link it takes me to a photo's page from ourwednesday.com. On the left hand side there is an advert? or something talking about season tickets (it comes and goes). Him!!!!!!!! Bald headed guy in a Wednesday shirt - looks like he found a penny but lost a fiver. :biggrin:

I don't who it is though.

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