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  1. Felipe Melo anyone, got lost on the tram and never seen since. UTO'S
  2. August 2003 v Oldham Athletic at home, a 38 year old John Sheridan, he was superb that day, ran the midfield.
  3. The abbreviation for NCB would seem appropriate for this post. UTO'S
  4. For tomorrow I've heard the North Stand has been given a capacity of 6200, unfortunately 6700 tickets have been sold. I'm not sure how this will work tomorrow. UTO'S
  5. If he's any good he could be playing for the first team in a few years, then he can have his surname on the back as well as on the front in the shirt. UTO'S
  6. Gerrit up to Nuhiu...I think I've spotted a major flaw in my style of play. UTO'S
  7. Just gerrit hoofed up t'big lad and smash it in net. UTO's
  8. All we want to know is what does Barry Bannans new hair look like ? UTO's
  9. Been Marshall anyone ? Could he do a job for us. Gets coat Sorry UTO'S
  10. Gerit hoofed up t'big lad up front That would be my tactics. UTO'S
  11. I thought it going to be about finally get hot water in the bogs on the north stand. UTO'S
  12. Yeah but can he do it on a cold rainy night in Stoke ? UTO's
  13. Welcome Bruce....nice to see you,to see you nice...oh wait wrong Bruce... sorry. UTO'S
  14. These plastic seats play havoc with my Farmer Giles, much prefer the wooden seats. UTO'S
  15. Jarvis is an Owl mate, I used to see him regularly on the kop during the 90's. UTO'S
  16. Sine the flag is fire retardant and has a fire certificate burning it might be a problem. UTO's
  17. But where is Jonny ? Would have thought he would be sat next to Nando. UTO'S
  18. Would prefer Louise myself much nicer. UTO's
  19. The most important thing I'd like to know is.....where are the nearest pubs ? I think I'll need a drink beforehand. UTO's
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