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  1. Can someone pop their head round the door of the medical room, just to check he's not still in there. UTO's
  2. Half time in the North stand bogs has never been the same since the glory holes were covered over. UTO'S
  3. Received mine on the 22nd October. It's ridiculous though how many still haven't had their money back.
  4. Don't forget Barry Bannon who only uses his left foot no matter what the situation.
  5. I'm convinced we've signed Ian Foot the immigration officer from come fly with me, looks just like him. UTO'S
  6. 7.12 on the clip, look for the sticker on the lamp post Cheers UTO's
  7. I thought his favourite was a 4 4 3 formation? UTO's
  8. I bet this flag doesn't have a fire certificate,probably bought it of a bloke called Del Boy down the market. UTO's
  9. " Two Andy Gorams, there's only two Andy Gorams " After Rangers goalkeeper Andy Goram was revealed to be mildly schizophrenic.
  10. I used to think the same about Reda Johnson, he'd make a great prop forward. As for Adthe Nuhui, I think he's wasted as a footballer and would be better at Basketball. UTO's
  11. Bristol have put a cheeky transfer bid in for Adthe Nuhiu.....something to do with a statue which needs replacing. UTO'S
  12. If you've purchased your season ticket with the Owls MasterCard can you claim a section 75 refund as per the consumer credit act?, there should be no reason why you can't.
  13. Genuine question, If you've bought season ticket on Owls MasterCard, can you make a section 75 claim under the consumer credit act?
  14. At the time we didn't have a pot to p*ss in and we paid £200k for him, he was terrible.
  15. I'll ask again have the club terminated his contract ?
  16. Are you saying the club have terminated his contract then ?
  17. Felipe Melo anyone, got lost on the tram and never seen since. UTO'S
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