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  1. Woodseats Owl

    Chairman’s statement

    I thought it going to be about finally get hot water in the bogs on the north stand. UTO'S
  2. Woodseats Owl

    Luton manager joining Stoke today

    Yeah but can he do it on a cold rainy night in Stoke ? UTO's
  3. Welcome Bruce....nice to see you,to see you nice...oh wait wrong Bruce... sorry. UTO'S
  4. Woodseats Owl

    North Stand Wooden Seats...

    These plastic seats play havoc with my Farmer Giles, much prefer the wooden seats. UTO'S
  5. Woodseats Owl

    Those SWFC Pulp shirts...

    Jarvis is an Owl mate, I used to see him regularly on the kop during the 90's. UTO'S
  6. Woodseats Owl

    Flag Down on Kop

    Sine the flag is fire retardant and has a fire certificate burning it might be a problem. UTO's
  7. Woodseats Owl

    Squad photo

    But where is Jonny ? Would have thought he would be sat next to Nando. UTO'S
  8. Woodseats Owl

    Harry Redknapp

    Would prefer Louise myself much nicer. UTO's
  9. Woodseats Owl

    Fans Forum - Change of venue

    The most important thing I'd like to know is.....where are the nearest pubs ? I think I'll need a drink beforehand. UTO's
  10. Woodseats Owl

    Heard it’s Pardew

    Dear God no...kill me now.
  11. Hutchinson, has anyone seen Joey P ? I'd left loads of hair gel in my locker and I asked him to collect it for me.
  12. Woodseats Owl


    Spot on pal, play him at centre half instead of Tom Lees . UTO's
  13. Woodseats Owl

    Todays training...

    Ffs I hope Abdi was wrapped up warm, poor bloke is likely to catch a cold. UTO'S
  14. Woodseats Owl

    Who was dishing out the contracts?

    There is a load of Gentleman's hair product which has been left in Sam Hutchinson's locker. He hasn't been back to collect it so Joey P can have it. UTO's
  15. Woodseats Owl

    Well this is awkward

    It was much better when we had the Glory Holes in North Stand bogs, those were the days. UTO'S