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  1. Enough of this play off talk. Morecambe lose tonight and we win on Saturday we're mathematicaly safe from relegation...for another year. UTO'S
  2. Good job this didn't happen in front of the South stand he would have been showered in Wherther's originals. UTO's
  3. Really ? What do you suggest, Salvation army band ? Grimethorpe Colliery band ? or perhaps Herb Alpert & the Tijuana brass ? In the early 1990's when it was just John Hemmingham and his bugle playing the fanfare to Aida it was unique and spontaneous, perhaps we should go back to just that. UTO's
  4. Whilst being bent over you could ask for a reach around. UTO's
  5. Years ago we drove down to Plymouth to catch the ferry from Plymouth to Roscoff, we set off at 4.00 am Hope this helps. It took bloomin ages to get there. UTO's
  6. It could be Darren Burke the journalist for Doncaster free press
  7. Did he say owt about getting the hot water sorted in the North stand bogs ? Given what he's done already, I think DM will get this sorted as well. UTO'S
  8. I was on that train too, remember getting back in Sheffield at 2.00am, only a few carriages had heating on as well, remember seeing clothes hung up drying on the luggage racks on the way back. I'm pretty sure that was the week we played Portsmouth away on the Saturday, Darlington away in the league cup midweek, then Brighton away on the following Saturday, went to all three, in the days before no mortgage, wife, kids bills etc. We won all three . Happy Days UTO's
  9. Andy Booth or Lee Chapman, Andy Booth was a bit like Douglas Bader great in the air but not so good on the ground. UTO'S
  10. Are we finally getting hot water in the north stand bogs ? UTO'S
  11. Can he play wing back ? If so he might just get a game with us UTO'S
  12. Brilliant so our kit is now made by a wholesale cash and carry just off the parkway. UTO'S
  13. I was there, 12,000 of us for that game, remember seeing a picture of the away end absolutely packed out that day.
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