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  1. Decent crowd expected Saturday

    If you have an Owls Membership it's £29 on the Kop against Villa.
  2. Sam Hutchinson training Wednesday

    Sales of Gentleman's hair product have shot up since Sammys return to training. UTO'S
  3. Stripes next

    Stripes and Umbro please. UTO'S
  4. Unqualified Medical Staff

    I did my first aid badge in the Scouts, I'm happy to volunteer my services. I may be over qualified for the job. UTO'S
  5. Almen Abdi

    Latest news he has a badly twisted sock...out for another 3 months. UTO'S
  6. Hi Ho Sheffield Wednesday...

    After yesterday the theme from Laurel and Hardy would be more appropriate, apologies to Stan and Ollie. UTO'S
  7. With VAT it's £90 .
  8. Jones

    Credit where it's due thought he played well today. UTO'S
  9. Ian Toothill

    RIP Ian, WAWAW
  10. Sven in directors box

    Yeah the shop on Division Street
  11. What could possibly go wrong??

    Logged on last night, ticket loaded on to season ticket, simples. UTO's
  12. SWFC FA CUP Hospitality Packages

    It's not £65 though is it, with VAT it's £78, not everyone can claim on their business expenses. UTO'S
  13. German

    This thread... Gott im Himmell UTO's
  14. Chris Waddle offer??

    Sod managing just tell the pair of em to bring their boots, they're playing on Saturday. UTO'S
  15. Big Ian

    RIP fellow Owl, thoughts and prayers to your family.