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  1. Woodseats Owl

    Well this is awkward

    It was much better when we had the Glory Holes in North Stand bogs, those were the days. UTO'S
  2. Woodseats Owl

    Nameing a stand after....

    The Colin West Kop Roof. UTO'S
  3. Woodseats Owl

    Walk Out Music

    Now we're talking imagine coming out to " Soul Bossa Nova " by Quincy Jones. UTO'S
  4. Woodseats Owl

    Attendance predictions v Hull?

    Myself and Woodseats Owl junior will be going, although why I still call him junior when he's 21 this year I've no idea. UTO'S
  5. Do the carpets match the curtains?
  6. Woodseats Owl

    Abdi Transfer

    News just in..he twisted his sock getting dressed this morning, likely to be out for 3 months. UTO's
  7. Woodseats Owl

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Good business if this happens, reducing the wage bill. From the players point of view a no brainer another Winter season in the UK or the chance of playing in Greece.
  8. Woodseats Owl

    The Sheffield Wednesday pie

    No mention of Hendersons Relish so it's a no from me. UTO'S
  9. Are you going to let Sammy know about this ?
  10. Woodseats Owl

    This is such a strange photo

    What ever happened to that dodgy photographer bloke we used to have on match days, IIRC he wore a tight fitting blue bib, used to wander aimlessly around the stadium taking random photos. Perhaps he'd be quite good for this. UTO'S
  11. Woodseats Owl

    #SWFC Training photos.

    Any photos of Sammy bare chested and dripping in sweat ........asking for a friend. Cheers UTO'S
  12. Was Sammy Hutchinson there ? Just wondering as Ive not seen any clips of him two footing some kids in the kick about with the players. UTO'S
  13. Woodseats Owl

    No sign of the kit!

    Can anyone pop down to Sugg Sports to see if they have it in stock yet. Cheers UTO'S
  14. Woodseats Owl

    North West Training Camp

    Could be closer to home than we think ..does Greno Woods count as North West? UTO'S
  15. Woodseats Owl

    Rhodes to Norwich

    We've been to Wells next the Sea a few times, there is a lovely beach there. Like most places expensive this time of year.