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  1. clean sheets

    I thought it was about doing the laundry and getting the bedding washed. UTO'S
  2. COMPLAINT : Bad Language in family stand

    Years ago I used to sit in the Grandstand with Woodseats Owl Jnr, I must admit the language shocked me, swearing,such filthy language , hand gestures to the away end as well, quite a few people sat near us complained. Anyway when we got home I had to have a word with my Son, and he promised he wouldn't behave like that again. UTO'S
  3. New Team Photo

    More Chiefs than Indians is phrase that springs to mind. UTO'S
  4. Badges for sale on Ebay..

    Here are mine UTO's
  5. I hope it's the Big Ron Sunglasses and Regi Blinker wigs. UTO'S
  6. There was a picture on the wall of the bar at Aurora showing Cantona on the astro turf, in the distance you could make out the blurred image of Tricky Trev. What might have been if we had signed Cantona. UTO'S
  7. I think tight up behind the difficult brown would be a better description. UTO'S
  8. Where are you sat on Sunday?

    North Stand with Woodseats Owl Jnr, he's 20 now though. UTO'S
  9. Flares on Sunday

    Will Paisley pattern be OK?
  10. Flares on Sunday

    I would but I'll also be wearing my Terry Curran wig and have Mick Prendergast style tache,so you won't recognise me.
  11. Flares on Sunday

    I'm having the lot, Flares, Three star jumper, shirt with massive wing collar, silk scarf tied to my wrist to finish off my attire. UTO'S
  12. The North Stand Clock

    Sod the clock, admire the beauty of the Structural Steel in background. UTO'S
  13. Joost nearly made Hillsborough history

    Jermaine Johnson has put at least half a dozen balls in the kop rafters over the years.
  14. Great Post...to prove there is no antagonism or Hard feelings from the Owlstalk regulars,please pop round to the bogs on the North Stand on Tuesday, you can have your turn on the Owlstalk GloryHole. UTO'S
  15. Did someone say Hirsty? I'm Thirsty too let's have a cup of tea. Gets Coat. UTO'S