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  1. Megsons doing a decent job despite not really been backed moneywise by Manderic. He is bringing pride back into supporting this "MASSIVE" great club. The first manager to sell out a sheffield derby at Hillsborough since Big Jack proves that.
  2. A statement from a chairman means nowt, look at that bloke with the teeth at Donny, backed o driscoll, then next day sacked him.
  3. I think Megson's future was already decided, before todays game.
  4. that dunt matter, i will have it, if still going cant pm you, 07769333585,
  5. if its near kop end i will take it, need one for my kid but i need it nearish to me
  6. think its a bit too far away, was worth a try, ta anyway
  7. ive got one around row 14, seat 50 ish/ 60 ish , need one nearish to that, cant really let young un sit miles away
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