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  1. 100% this. Please, if you haven't already, watch it.
  2. So all you guys laughing are "happy" a 9th tier club is better run, has a better understanding of its fans, has a better connection with its fans, and actually turns a profit for the level its at? Just checking. That's what counts as success for us these days, that we don't have to do those things?
  3. You ever heard the saying "look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves" No I'm not saying having a gym and bar generating money all year round will solve our woes. I'm saying we don't even do the f*cking basics. Something a 9th tier club do! Compare the bar they built to the Wednesday tap. Then tell me which of those two venues you'd rather have a pint. Compare the tap to 1860 hallam have built. Then tell me which of those two venues you'd rather have a pint. I'm not saying we should run our club as a 9th tier club you simpleton. I'm saying why the fizz is a 9th tier club better run! You'd be one of those where if I compared us with with Barcelona or Man U and how they operate to say "we don't play at that level" "we can't afford it" yada yada yada. An example being not being able to have your season ticket stored on your phone. ******** basic! The same cr*p excuse over and over and over for acceptance of mediocrity. Wake up or we die. It's simple. It might not be in the next year. Maybe not in the next 10. However until we start embracing the fans, embracing what makes us unique, and maximising every single penney from that. We will! We already came close once. Why are we leaving it to a man who doesn't give f*ck about us to possibly happen again. It's alright though, we aren't the 9th tier so we don't have to do the basics
  4. Having a top notch bar and gym that generates money all year round? Improvements to the ground for the fans experience. Addressing old cladding. All these would have an immediate and positive impact on our club tomorrow. You dismiss it because it's 9th tier. I don't even think we can class ourselves 9th tier in that case!
  5. Have any of you guys watched this on the BBC? It's on iPlayer. I was close to tears at some moments just hoping and praying our owner / executives had 10% of the integrity and understanding that Robert Smethurst and Robbie Savage have what owning a football club is about. I implore every single one of you to watch it. I implore every single one of to then ask why some of the ideas / principles / togetherness couldn't happen here. This is a 9th tier football club outdoing is pretty much every aspect barring the level we play at. Why is that? They have invested over £4m in the ground in just over a year. They have commercial activities that are turning a profit to invest in the squad. They have invested in getting members of the fan base into areas of the club that fans know the best and therefore can leverage even greater benefit. Why are we seemingly doing none of this? I love this club. I have given into that love numerous times over the decades and I have jeopardised much in the name of it. Nobody here is any less passionate. So why are we allowing ourselves to think think 3rd, not even 2nd, rate football and operations is good enough? Why are standing back and allowing it to happen? Why are we not pushing for more and how do we push for better more effectively? This isn't just about what is happening on the pitch, that is a consequence of off the field. So I'm asking how do we solve, once and for all the off the field issues and why are we not doing it! UTO! WAWAW
  6. Could have sworn he had a Mercedes Benz 300SL Gull Wing. One of the most beautiful cars ever made, just behind the jag e-type imo. Anyway poo footballer (for us), cracking car!
  7. Completely nuts right. I don't know how it's relevant either
  8. Whilst I don't disagree with you on them being "bad" kids, although they are misguided. What they spend on "nice clobber" is completely irrelevant. They could be wearing poundland trackies or Hugo Boss suits. They are behaving like bell*nds in and around where normal people are wanting to be normal. It's not chuffing hitman! Smoking weed whilstever illegal can't be condoned either but I would certainly take a matalan dressed stoner over a "top clobber" dressed lad to have a pint with.
  9. The takeover was summed up to me when they interviewed Staveley "" we" haven't won anything since 19....1950..1955 is it? The fa league Cup... " was cringe worthy. If she was taking over bird's-eye I bet she wouldn't be so dismissive of it history to the plc board. Utterly disgraceful to know so little and then to be jumping round like it matters to them after 2 minutes.
  10. Whilever we have the man at the top who treats this club with contempt it won't make a joy of difference who comes in.
  11. I don't want Moore to stay at all, however with that muppet in charge do we really think we'll get what we need to replace him?
  12. I thought that in the past. I won't accept it though. What can we do? Let's have the discussion. The team we play tomorrow have climbed several divisions in the time we've floundered in two. Why is this? Fans? Unity? Let's stop with the inaction and start progressing?
  13. So we play a team tomorrow who was relegated along ourselves (fizz off all those who think it's mk dons!) over 20 years ago. Who do we think will make it back to the top flight first? Before any of you guys start to think "we're a big club...." etc, we've spent over two decades in the 2nd and 3rd divisions. We aren't a big club. The likes of Bournemouth, Blackpool and Brentford have climbed from the 4th and passed us and that's just the b's! So give please give it some serious thought. If it's to be us, how? How can we make sure it's us? Having a big attendance counts for f all in the 21st century
  14. Tactics is number 1 reason. Players aren't above league 1 standard is number 2. I'd suspect if we had Premier league players under Moore they'd shun his tactics and do whatever the fizz they wanted to win the game. That's why they play at that level, they have footballing brains for the most part.
  15. I doubt it but does that mean it was therefore a good thing? Because we're comparably less sh*t than our peers in the league below? I suppose it depends where you want Wednesday to be competing?
  16. That's not what people were professing though. They said it'd be easier to do it in league 1 than the championship. We've all had to put up with this league for 5 seasons in less than 20 now.
  17. It blew my mind. No logic to it at all. The only part that I could get my head round was "if" we started to win more often than not then that could build a feelgood factor. Just don't see this team and manager being capable of promotion from this league nevermind being better than the team that finished bottom last season
  18. Towards the inevitable last season quite a few on here and around the pubs and clubs of Sheffield were saying "it'd be better if we went down, it's easier to rebuild, clear the deadwood and then carry momentum up into the championship" This was a theory I'd never subscribed to and thought relegation was a disaster all round. However without this theory neither proven nor dismissed, what are peoples thoughts so far? Have we rebuilt a team and management team that could progress us beyond where we were this time last season? Is Darren Moore capable of pushing us into the top 6 of the championship, is this squad the same? If not, to those who say its easier to rebuild in league 1, do we get rid of Moore now? If he's not capable in the championship and easier to build from here surely that's the logical option? Thoughts....
  19. This really isn't. This is to an external company. Not chansiri company 1 to chansiri company 2. I'd love to be wrong. It's the best I can hope for in reality, to be wrong.
  20. My worry has for this season always been this loan. Whatever happens happens on the pitch this year may impact us for a season, whatever happens with this can impact us for decades and worse see us lose our home. What's picked up the anxiety levels is that if he had the intention of paying, why wait til the final day? I reckon we have a rocky road ahead sadly. Hope to Waddle I'm wrong
  21. If they open the door for Wycombe then ourselves and toy town would have a case too. They would have already been relegated when we played them so the effort against us would have been totally different. It's a disgrace all round really. Wycombe obviously 100% should be compensated having said the above regardless
  22. Absolutely sh*tting it about this, just one bar below the high Court steps in terms of fear level for me.
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