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  1. I think having having a well run bar, could afford a player of Bannans ilk. Circa 15 to 20k per week. It may be you choose to have 2 to 3 players instead or we get promoted and it pays a third of his wage. If you wanna turn your noses up at that that's fine. I also think we are missing out on other revenue streams. As highlighted in the first post. It's not a fixall it's part of mending the whole thing.
  2. Also why would you rent a property you own unless you sell it to a third party? Ask Mr Chansiri I guess
  3. I said per night. The wages staff. Minimum wage is more than covered the rest of the week. Same as the other overheads. Stop derailing the topic as to why we as club don't do the basics right Or "am Ideluded if I think un*Ted have a better squad than us"?
  4. So look. I believe there is also a difference between buying a house / property and buying a business? I may be wrong on that! Either way work it out. 10 people, at 3 quid a pint, times 10 pints. 300 quid. Times that by 300! Times it by the amount that the club could and should serve. Equals Bannans wage!
  5. I will add though. Not many businesses such as that were bought during the lockdown. Ever wondered why? It could quite easily have been a sainsburys
  6. I'm not. There's a reason why someone bought it for the price they paid
  7. How? For wanting the best for our club? What a ********!
  8. That a bar in and around Hillsborough earns more than 10k per night at a weekend?
  9. Any demonstration of that of £400M spending? Pitch £2M. Advertising and scoreboard paid for itself due to advertising m Where else?
  10. So having demonstrated why a public bar can actually pay for a player of the calibre of bannan. Tell me why we shouldn't run ours properly?
  11. Go in there though and any member, and member of staff will more than likely tell you about the earnings. It's a members club. For the members
  12. Yes I do. No I will not share on a public forum. I will not also share why I have that knowledge.
  13. You realise there are more than 7 Friday and Saturday nights in a year yes? And yes they do make that
  14. Who's ********? I'm pointing out we're going backwards! Take your "massive club" obsession elsewhere. Come back when it can be said with credibility
  15. Regardless. I'm not saying 100% follow Macclesfield as I am saying 100% follow Liverpool for arguments sake. I'm saying let's look around the globe, this case, just across the pennines and look at what works
  16. I thought the same with savage. I was livid at the start. Without ruining it for you, the manager has asked for him to intervene. That's for balance and watching the documentary you'll see. He's earnt the right to do what what he does. Really isn't a vanity project
  17. And actually we could pay Barry Bannan with the profit!
  18. You do realise even a small club such as the Hillsborough Club on our doorstep makes 10k per night on a weekend. ? Maybe small fry in the scheme but have a club / pub properly with with fans backing and thst maybe enough to pay for thst striker we need. Cthat right back. It really isn't about making an impact in the immediate though. It's about identifying why we aren't maximising our potential profit. Why people are even arguing against the club trying to make more money absolutely baffles me!
  19. Also to add to that. Prior to 91. Our last success was ******** 1935! We aren't successful, not in any shape or form, not for my generation
  20. It is not about as "successful as they are" we all know we are more successful on the pitch. We aren't more successful in feeding a connection to our club. I would hazard a guess we aren't as successful in producing money from our respective pubs. I would bet my last quid, per fan, we we spend less than them. So maybe start there?
  21. To add to this. If we did change these simple things. Invested in the club in a long term way. A way we can all get behind then that may generate the funds to aid out promotion push. We all laugh at the pigs for cladding the stain. However they have made it more appealing to the public. They have grown their attendances by 100% in the same time we have stagnated. Are you guys happy with that? Yes some of it may be artificial. However a lot of it isn't! It's a fact. Our attendance has grown. There's has. It has a knock on effect of pushing the team on. Generating funds. Attracting sponsors etc. Why are we so dispassionate?
  22. Because it is asking how OUR club could be better run. We don't have a boardroom section anymore otherwise it would have sat there
  23. The examples I posted are symptomatic of the poor running of the club. Nothing more. They aren't silver bullets. Not one of them will aid us in gaining promotion. Every single one however is a sign of a poorly mismanaged club. That is all I'm trying to highlight
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