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  1. Me and my mates always say there should be a couple around Hillsborough. Its a rate hassle getting cash first. Also we wondered if it's possible to have chip and pin on some turnstiles or just outside? You can just enter your card like an atm, a little receipt is printed off with your row and seat number etc and then use this receipt at the new elctronic turnstiles we are setting up. What you guys think?
  2. Yes there was deejayone but I didn't think of any at that time, since then my brother has asked me to ask a couple. I'm sure I wont be the only one who's thought of something since rushing to re-apply.
  3. In terms of asking questions at this event can we just email the questions for them to be asked on our behalf on the night? I hate standing up and speaking in public.
  4. I'm going and two guests. No pie and peas?!!! That's an outrage, , at least it wont be a stop at a motorway service station for food now due to the changed date. Thanks for keeping us informed deejayone.
  5. . I'll have another look after me tea. Bet he's not just sleeping at the keyboard that's keeping him busy :Dark unsure:
  6. Can I be the first to put my name down to work behind the bar? Will work up to 2.45pm on matchdays.
  7. Think it must have been our server at work, appears to be working fine now. It wouldn't let me select member services in order to get to the coach travel section. When I tried a different way round it came up witha load of grey boxes with a cross in. Similar to when outlook fails to open correctly. Thanks anyway
  8. Having problems accessing the page on the Wednesdyite website for coach travel so thought I'd try here. Can I book two seats for saturday's trip to charlton please. PM if seats are still available. Cheers
  9. Me, the missus and about six others. There was only me that had to buy one this sale though, they got theirs at last years event.
  10. F**k me that was more difficult than i thought it would be, finally got through on the phone for ticket. (after buying one on ebay!) Good luck guys
  11. Surely that's too good to be true? metallica would be awesome!
  12. My apologies Chris. Not allowed radio on at work and most of who you mentioned were also shown on a fake mock up of a poster advert for it, on one of the forums.
  13. No band had been confirmed yet, zane lowe is anouncing them on radio1 this evening, scott mills show I believe (which he isnt presenting this week.)
  14. Looking at other tickets available to festivals I think its 10.
  15. Where can i buy them from? The tickets are available on the internet 15 minutes after the headliners/initial lineup is announced. The main sites are www.seetickets.com and www.festivalrepublic.com. You can also buy them the day after from selected HMV's, Crash records,Leeds and Jumbo records,Leeds (i think). This may require getting up early/camping as the queues seem to vary a lot depending on where you are. You can also ring seetickets to buy tickets through the call centre. the number is not widely publisized on the site but here it is: Telephone: 0871 220 0260 or if youre outside of the uk: +44 115 993 4419 Any other sites? www.ticketmaster.com www.ticketweb.com www.stargreen.com
  16. They go on sale at 6.45pm on monday, just browsing a forum for best place to purchase tickets. Ive seen a couple of site before and told others are a no no.
  17. Thats the thing sometimes i dont get in while 8pm from work so will have to try phoning for them in the car on way home (Manchester to Sheffield). Will get the girlfriend to try online I guess. Ta though
  18. Thats the thing sometimes i dont get in while 8pm from work so will have to try phoning for them in the car on way home (Manchester to Sheffield). Will get the girlfriend to try online I guess. Ta though
  19. If anyone is manages to get extra tickets for this next monday can you let me know. I will be trying to get one myself but past record of obtaining tickets such as this is p*ss poor. Anyway I really want to go this year, my girlfriend and other mates have already got theres from going last year so it will feel like i'm missing out massively if I dont go. I dont want to pay any extra than face value though people and know this is a bizarre request considering they havent even been on sale as such yet. Cheers if anyone can help me out if needed.
  20. Like the title says? Went down saturday to call in the ticket office and what used to be the ticket has changed drastically, there are now shop items in there with counters running down the side. Will this be the new ticket office or is it going to be an extension to the shop? Anyone in the know?
  21. Cheers fellas. I did buy a lexmark all-in-1 for £30 but looking at the ink prices after made me ask the question to see if I could get another one elsewhere for approx same price but cheaper ink. Lazer one looks pretty good but how much does toner etc cost Edinburgh?
  22. Wanting to buy a cheap printer (under £30) thats relatively good. Doesn't have to amazing, but wanting the best deal I can get for under £30. Anyone got any suggestions?
  23. Cheers fellas, i've got 2007 it came pre-installed on the laptop but the the trial period has ran out now. What's open office? Will try looking around the coast at whitby for those pesky pirates first though I think.
  24. Anyone know where to get one for free? or the cheapest place to buy one?
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