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  1. Not sure if anyone has come across this.... Mad Ferret by Matt Burgin In here because the main guy is a Wednesdayite, f*cking cracking read. Music and football from 89 to 90s. Sure the author must be Owl? Even Carlton gets a mention! Anyway I got it off Amazon but I'd recommend it, been a brilliant read this past week.
  2. Reminds me of Carlos' final season "yeah but he got us to the playoffs...." another manager with this set of players could have equalled if not bettered the performances and results
  3. The only thing as bad as this performance is c4s coverage. Terrible. Never have I been so grateful for the BBC
  4. Pedestrian is the best I can describe this as. Defending for the goal was awful too. Maguire and Walker picked up the same man, meaning one free next to him, shifting the whole defence across.
  5. Can understand why some have died off, the ones referencing violence, but some are great! Why have we stopped with them? Our current repertoire would be enhanced massively if some of these were brought back
  6. If you listen / watch any interviews with his ex players, it wasn't fear that motivated them it was damn good management. His favourite saying by all accounts was "you enjoy football when you play well, you play well when you work hard" football really is a simple game
  7. Wish I'd have known this last week. I was told everyone had had their refund. Can the trust or someone help with this and getting a bit more weight behind it? Not that that is what should be required
  8. I'd not play him as a wingback and give him a role where he's more of conventional winger. Let hunt or Palmer drop into the defensive line when we don't have the ball and move it across. It'd keep him further up and used as an out ball, something Roberts is showing today that is vital to get up the pitch quicker
  9. Don't think he's as quick but he's no slouch and 9/10 defenders in this league aren't the fastest either. Push him further up and get him delivering more often we'll see the reward
  10. Looking at that brewster should be up on charges too. Attacking someone from behind
  11. Is it bad I actually have no idea who that is?
  12. Agree with this. I'm sucking it up re Mr C and going to back the lads. Hated last season, was a bit cutting my nose off but I really couldn't attend whilst fans were owed money
  13. Could also be the other way round. That tubby forest fan just seen his mate stamped on by McBarndoor.... Either or it doesn't condone the actions of either the plebs. They should both be dealt with by the law as there's no excusing either action.
  14. Sorry student, wasn't intended. Was purely my brain conflating the players statements with that of Mr C following a long and ultimately failed season. It still stands though that we evidently need to do something different.
  15. Several of the first team did yes. I'll look later for the articles Admitted my brain didn't quite remember the "try" part but here's the chairmans clearly stating the aim is promotion. What I want to know is what is going to be different next year as we failed in his stated aim. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2021/may/dejphon-chansiri-club-statement/
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