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    Reading - Wembley Ticket Details

    There's a big catchment area around Reading and they have a lot of part-time fans. With it being just down the road, they'll almost certainly sell out their allocation like they did last time they go to the final
  2. gabbywokingowl


    Ipswich website says that you need to have registered and brought tickets prior to 2016/17
  3. gabbywokingowl

    describe Wednesdays season...

    Failure to Launch ... but might yet end up as Arrival instead at the end of the season
  4. someone must have put a fiver on, now down to 16/1 on Paddy Power
  5. gabbywokingowl

    Carlos' tribute to the fans video

    Fantastic. So proud to be a wednesday fan right now
  6. gabbywokingowl

    Lies Lies and more Lies

    too far north
  7. gabbywokingowl

    Gray Pre-Blackburn

    “@swfc: Stuart Gray: "We've got Sam Hutchinson back in training which is a positive." #swfcLIVE” His loan was due up on 9 April or have I missed something ?
  8. Ross Barkley and Connor Wickham as mentioned but prior to that Joey O'Brien when he came here in his 1st spell aged 18. If it wasn't for all the injuries,....
  9. gabbywokingowl

    How to soften the blow of relegation

    Right, I put £20 with 888 at 40/1 last week expecting the odds to soften and as a possible sweetener against the bitter pill of relegation. I have since laid off at an average of 15/1 so I won't make a loss. So, do I take £40 guaranteed profit or hold out for £500 if we're relegated ....
  10. Gardner for me - imo our best centre back since Walker
  11. It depends whether we're happy to be bumbling along in the lower end of the Championship/upper end of League 1 or whether we have Premiership ambitions. It can be done with good management and a bit of luck without investing megabucks (Blackpool being the prime example) but realistically we're going to need significant funds to compete with clubs with parachute money and/or mega-rich owners. A millionaire owner is not enough these days.
  12. gabbywokingowl

    £20m Defence

    They were better than the current squad though with the exception of Gardner
  13. gabbywokingowl

    Wycombe Wanderers.. Promotion Day...

    Almost seems like another era now. Really thought we'd kick on from there, but it's like 2005 all over again when we didn't build on the momentum